Bored of Counter Strike? Play Left 4 Dead!

Bored of Counter Strike? Play Left 4 Dead!

by Farah Nashrina


Overall : After the success of the epic world renowned computer game, Counter Strike, Turtle Rock Studios has proven the gaming world that they can produce more than one global phenomenon when they introduced Left 4 Dead. Some may feel that this is an imitation of the more famous zombie based game, Resident Evil but believe me, you will be surprised.

Game play : In terms of basic physical game play, Left4Dead plays similarly to its alongside companion only minor differences in the control scheme and health system.

Characters : The game focuses on the four remaining normal living humans who did not wait for rescue but simply teamed up taking control of their own destinies. The four playable human characters is Bill, who was a former Green Beret who served in Vietnam; Francis, an outlaw biker, complete with tattoo artworks covering his body; Louis, who was still working his regular job at an electronics store when the outbreak happened; and Zoey, a college student with no military training or surviving skills but managed adapt to the situation. Those who have died and came back to life are known as zombies or the infected. Although the common zombies cannot be used, they play an important role if you are playing against the survivors. The playable zombies are those who reacted abnormally towards the infection. The Boomer has a balloon like body, filled with goo waiting to blow up anytime. He uses his vomit as a weapon and if targeted well onto survivors, this will trigger a massive swarm attack. Although it has the advantage of doing so, it can be easily killed with a single shot using even a handgun. The Hunter on the other hand, has a longer life span. It leaps great distances, pounces on the living and tears into their flesh with animal-like claws. Another infected, The Smoker, pulls it victims from great distances and has the advantage of pulling them off buildings or away from other survivors. The strongest infected is know as The Tank. Because of its oversized muscles, it posses superhuman strength which allows him to carry heavy object and throws them around.


Strategy : There are 2 purpose of the game depending which team you are on. If you play as the survivors, your objective is to get all your team mates to the safe house despite the massive zombie attacks and injuries. Even if you are not able to get everyone safely in the safe house, try and get at least one person in to gain finishing points. If you play on the infected team, your objective is not to let the survivors reach the safe house. If you are not able to kill all the survivors before they reach the safe house, try stopping as many as you can. Less survivors reaching the safe house, less points the opposing team will gain. Even when playing with a tight group of friends, getting four individuals to play and react together as a team is considered a major challenge because it takes the team play concept to the next level. This is because team work is not only just recommended but absolutely required. Teams who lack cooperation and teamwork would not stand a chance at surviving.


4 Responses

  1. 10 reason why u should not play left 4 dead?

    by the time u finish playing this game ull be left out by your friends because they think you are a loser and ull be dead by then from dehydration. this game takes 6 hours of your time everyday . buy colgate toothpaste . Might as well just stay home and cook ikan kering.

    • this is a good game review. and cook ikan kering? a review on any game at all is for people to play the game for their own free leisure time and have fun. but to cook ikan kering everyday? a little too much now don’t you think? everyone will end up with liver failure due to ikan kering everyday. and buy colgate toothpaste? what has that got to do with anything? not everyone who plays games like this play for 6 hours a day. apparently, people know how to divide time properly because playing games is to do during times of leisure. just an opinion. no offence. practicing argumentative skills.(:

      not everyone who plays games like this play for 6 hours a day. apparently, people know how to divide time properly because playing games is to do during times of leisure. just an opinion. no offence. practicing argumentative skills.;)

  2. the more you play, the more you resemble a zombie.

  3. dunno la.. seems like a cool game.. LoL..XD
    hey, got fat zombie!;D

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