Langkawi, one of the most happening holiday for young bachelors like for me and my friends during the summer holidays.We were there for a week stay at Pantai Chenang which was trully an amazing place to stay. It was a long journey though from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi but it was worth the hours we spent to get there. We were so excited along our journey there that we started planning out mind maps and came out with timetable on what to do from day one. As soon when we reached there, we went to the town and got so many types of food and drinks for ourselves. The tiring but fun part was when we went for island hopping. We explored three different islands which made us feel that as though we were in a different world. Our main aim for the island hopping is to go on a speedboat which drived us crazy along the journey. We went clubbing at Sunba on the third day as that was listed in our timetable. It is located somewhere nearby the place we stayed but experience speaking,the clubs in Kuala Lumpur is way much more better compared in Langkawi. The forth day we spent most of the time in our rooms talking, dancing and drinking. There is always an end for everything,so we came back finally to our home sweet home and took a long day rest.

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