Save from scratch

 by fiona

You would like to save more but sometimes there isn’t much left over after you’ve paid off your daily expenses. So you end up abandoning that holiday you’ve been dreaming of the new car to replace your old junk or the designer handbag you’ve been lusting after. Cut costs in order to save you need to free some money each month. Firstly, cut down your basics go scout around for cheaper phone, laptop, branded dresses and so on. Then trim on general spending like groceries, toiletries and the like. If you know where your money goes everyday or each month, keep spending diary for a few weeks and you’ll soon find out. Start with just one item to cut down on, such as coffee. Instead of buying one on the way to college or work, bring one from home in a flask. Bring your lunch from home as well. Start with one less takeaway a month. These things add up and will free up a lot more money than you can imagine. Sell or rent things what do you have around the house that could make money from? Try scouring your parents store room for vintage goodies which can be sold at antique shop or even e-bay. There is takers even broken junk if they are sufficiently old and authentic. Alternatively, off-load your unwanted household stuff at second hand store like cash converters and buy trade sell in Subang Jaya. Think twice practicing delayed gratification helps you make the right buying decision instead of buying on impulse. When you postpone a purchase, it gives you time to evaluate whether you really need the item. After the period of time, you may realize that you don’t need the item at all. Try this method and you will find that you save money and prevent dept, especially when you apply it to big purchases like electrical appliance, a travel holiday or an expensive dress or dinner.


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