guitar boy

By Fiona

It was no surprise when six-year-old mikael zidane ask for an electronic guitar as a reward for doing well in exams. After all, he has indefatigable passion on music. He recently aced the YAMAHA school Grade 8 examinations. Mikael was only five years old when he took the exam which make the youngest student to accomplish such a feat. His father Faizal Zainal is accomplished musician himself who has performed at countless functions with his band Flowers IN affair experience. However, the band lacks a full time guitar. That was the cue for Mikael to start learning the guitar with the ultimate aim fill the role. Beside the guitar, mikael also can sing, play organ,drum and more.”I listen to a lot of music and try to get a good feel of it. But most important thing is hard working and do a lot of practice “.Mikael also hopes can be a professional musican one day. A fan of jazz and rock music, mikael recently met two of his idol which is Sham Kamekaze and Andy from Estrange. He has been accepted into the Penang State Orchestra and is now it’s the youngest member taking over the mantle from elder brother  Jeremy Zidane 11.Both are also the member of the school band. Away from the misic scene, Mikael loves playing games,Computer, soccer and also basketball . he also did very well in academic.


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