Son9 About Us


Switchon9 was established in 3rd June 2009, formed by a group of mass communication students from School of Communication Segi University College Kota Damansara (SUCKD) as part of our newswriting subject assignment on our final semester. All __ were from the july and september 2007 intake. Originally known as SwitchOnline, Its name was created after a brainstorming session during our third class led by Ms Shana Sanusi.

After almost two and a half years of Classes, Switchon9 will definitely be our biggest challenge thus far with our lecturer giving us a huge tasks consist of a few articles to be completed by the end of July 2009. This website will be vital source of news information to be viewed by students, lecturers and officials working in Segi University College Kota Damansara. It credits itself to be the first class of School of Communication fomerly known as FOCAD  to open a news website, just like our motto ” the right click to news”

With most of us living in Kuala Lumpur , We will constantly strive to present its readers with latest news as what has been assigned by our belover lecturer , Ms Shana Sanusi. All  students each will have to write 6 stories starting from June 17 2009 until the end of July.

Today, Switchon9 will be an independent source of news that will also determine our results and future . We wish you a pleasant time reading our stories and appreciate your feedback. To our fellow newswriters, all the best!

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