6 ways on how to wear a Hippies Headband.

6 ways on how to wear a Hippies Headband

Story by : Janna Niza

In this era it is all about the fashion and trends.What is fashion?
What is trends?It is stated in dictionary that fashion is the prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior, out of fashion.

Fashion is also and art form.From changing everything according to your intrest and creativenss.The way you dress is the way of you expressing and telling the people how you would love to be describe and also through  fashion people can see your personality.Not only that,but from fashion people use it as a method of utilizing clothing combining it with accessories and styling the hair to show or hiding something beneath it all.

Now,the most drastic trends are the head band or the hippies head band.A head band is actually a band which is worn around the head area.It is an accessories which is create to hold and style the hair from the forehead.A head band comes in many different shapes and sizes.As well as the colors,the material and  the headband are also made out of plastic,elastic band and a few strings being attach together.

Pictures By : Janna Niza

This are the 6 ways on how to wear a  hippies head band.

The 1st steps are choose the types of head bands you wanted to use.Than slowly place it on top of your head and placing it behind your back hair so that it covers up the band,but do not pull back your fringe.This is the original ways like back in the days when people in the
hippies era’s are wearing it.

The 2nd steps on wearing a headband are,pulling your hair  into a high ponytail and the same ways like the 1st step,place your head band around your head.You can either pull back your bangs or fringe or just leave it as it is.Sometimes the head bands doesn’t stay the way you place it,so get a really good grip head band that suits youso that it doesn’t mess up your hair.

The 3rd style are the most easiest.Just pull back and place the head band like a simple plastic head band.This look are most likely the laziest ways to show to people around you that you just didn’t care to do your hair and by just slapping a head band,your ready to go.

The 4th steps and almost the same as the 2nd steps.Instead of wearing your hair in a high ponytail,places it a little bit lower so that you can place your head band on topof it.Be careful not to trap it in your ponytail as it will looks weird.

The 5th steps on wearing a head band are,carefully places in on your head but do not hide the back of the head band behind your hair.The head band will make your bangs
look a little flat,but you can also make it different by pulling your bangs fowards.

The last steps on wearing a head band are,tie your hair in a side ponytail.While doing that make sure you are already placing your head band so that it will get twisted in your ponytail.Not only that but by making both idaes of your hair a ponytail can to pull of the style.

.This types of hippies head band are most likely are being made in strings and elastic bands.You can also made it yourself by using a ribbon,sequins and also the little leather strings which people use as their bangles.

Head band also in the category of hair ornaments.It is a hair ornaments which are worn by both gender.This head band can we worn at any time of the day.Many people are owning a multiple amounts of head band.This head bands are also the same as other accessories such as shoes and purses.So,it doesn’t matter what your doing or what others says.Have your own style and creativity in wearing it because head band are the most easiest ways on adding spice to your outfit.


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