by Zetty Tawfik

The 80s fashions are back and it seems give a big impact to people, not only for teenagers. It was the time when Pop Diva Madonna comes with her tops, long stockings with short skirts. It was really cool and the hottest trends of that era. Madonna is the icon of the 80’s fashion. It involved not only clothing but also accessories, hair and make up. The hair especially is important for women. One of the hairstyle in 80s was called ‘big hair’ which is become a trend again especially among guys which is loves to come with ‘that look’. But yeah! People will always concentrate on everything; from up to down. Anything for fashion!

Examples of 80's fashion. Taken by Zetty
Examples of 80’s fashion. Taken by Zetty

As we can see, the trends from the 1980s and early 90s have popped up on the runway again. Most of the clothing in shopping mall gets back to 80s style whereby gets an attention from people to buy it. Obviously nobody want to be outdated right? We will work hard to dress up well as everyone. Skinny jeans and leggings is part of the 80s style which is most of the ladies nowadays loves to wear that. They will wear it with long shirt or blouse, match with a stylish belt, also with an accessories and flat sandals which is enough to make them look great, stylish and so 80s. Same as with cardigan which is also become trends of this era.

More examples on 80's fashion. Taken by Zetty
More examples on 80’s fashion. Taken by Zetty

Accessories is one of the big 80s fashion must have. It’s really important assets to complete the look. Belt, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses is the example of accessories whereby make people looks fantastic, stylish and luxury. Besides that, some of the 80s fashion included colors. The brighter the color, the better we look. Mix and match is a good way to produce right combination of color.

On the other hand, music industry and MTV influences young generation during this time, whereby they want to look cool and hip and hurried to nearest shopping mall to follow their favorite star. They will do anything to follow the trends especially on this era when everything becomes modern and trendy. Instead of that, TV series also will influence the minds and hearts of the young generation such as Gossip Girl which is most of the fashion style in this movie is the 80’s. Of course the fans of Gossip Girl especially will be a follower to look like them. So, music and celebrities inspired people to look like them which are influence so many people.

Attire that been used in The popular series of Gossip Girl. Taken from http://www.myfashionlife.com/
Attire that been used in The popular series of Gossip Girl. Taken from http://www.myfashionlife.com/

The 80s fashion is never die because it have their own personality which is make this fashion is one of the kind. For those who do not have sufficient amount of money to style up them selves they should try this 80s fashion because it’s not only stylish but also affordable. So girls, no more worries for what we have to wear on our next date.


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  1. Lawa la atul hehe. Mana dapat baju? 😀

  2. OMG..OMG..!! haha.
    baju sndiri la hana..tiada sponsor. :p

  3. vintage is the bomb! i love following this blog & its updates.

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