by Zainul Azrin

Parameswara, founder of Malacca

Parameswara, founder of Malacca

From afar the shiny royal apparel blinded my eyes while I walked towards the majesty himself. Beside him stood four of his trustworthy henchmen’s dressed in black and yellow each one holding a spear in hand. As I reached the golden mat, I bowed down in respect and said “Daulat Tuanku”. He nodded in respect and held out his hand as a sign for me to sit.

            Prince of Srivijaya, King of Temasek and Paduka Sri Maharaja is some of the titles that Parameswara holds. Born in 1344 as Dharmaraja, he is a prince of Paduka Sri Rana Wira Kerma. 5 decades later, he took over his father’s throne as Paduka Sri Maharaja Parameswara. After being expelled from his own country, he travelled untouched land where he rebuilt his empire.

Malacca during the 1400s

Malacca during the 1400s

 Q : How did you feel after being expelled from your own country?

 A : I was shocked and sad but it was something I had to go through as a ruler of the country I originated from. Although it was somewhat predicted since Srivijaya was already losing its influence and what’s worse, started facing political and physical threats from the Malay empire.

 Q : What made you decide to run away instead of facing these threats?

 A : The throne was passed down to me only two years before the Majapahit sent its soldiers to conquer the Srivijaya empire which was moved to Palembang earlier due to the run out by the ruler of Majapahit.

 Q : You took your trustworthy ministers and soldiers along, not knowing where you were headed to.

 A : We ventured out to Temasek where I defeated the ruler, Temagi. Planning on to rebuild my empire but later on was invaded again by an old enemy, Majapahit. This incident forced my people and I to start travelling again in search for a new site to rebuild the empire and also our lives.

 Q : So then you decided to venture out again. This time, did you know where you were headed off to?

 A : I was still unsure of our destination then. We headed north and I found a place in Muar, deciding whether to rebuild the kingdom at either Kota Buruk or Biawak Busuk. I felt that the location was not suitable for a kingdom and so I decided to continue the journey in search of a better place.

 Q : Where did you adventure continued to then?

 A : The next destination was the last before I knew that I had found the perfect place to rebuild my kingdom. My people and I visited Sening Ujong which was on the way to a fishing village near the Bertam River. I knew that Sening Ujong is a good place and so I decided to leave one of my ministers there.

Underneath the 'Pokok Melaka'

Underneath the 'Pokok Melaka'

 Q : So what made you decided on rebuilding your kingdom there besides you personal instinct and good vibes on the location?

 A : I was hunting around this particular area and decided to take a rest under a tree. While sitting down, cooling off, a white mousedeer appeared from behind the bushes and without any warning, kicked one of my hounds into the Bertam River. Witnessing this incident, I thought that this was a good place, when even its mousedeer are full of fight! We shall do well to make a city here.

 Q : Where did the name for your current kingdom originated from?

 A : As I ordered that a city be built at the present area, I asked my ministers the name of the tree I was standing underneath from. They all replied “It is Malacca, Your Highness” to which I replied in an instance to them, then Malacca shall be the name of this city.

 Q : Most people judge and empire through it’s conquest. Malacca is now certainly and imperial power and had its share of conquests.

 A : Not all conquests were done by warships surrounded with cannons, spears and swords. Some lands are conquered through marriages while some asks for protection against enemies. Some are even prizes from successful wars.

 Q : In your opinion, where did Malacca’s pride and glory stand in?

 A : Malacca’s greatest glory is not in its military power nor its riches but its in the flowering Malay culture, literature and society. Malacca is a remarkably united multiracial cosmopolitan society which includes Malay, Muslims, Indians, Hindus, Chinese, Javanese, Turks, Arabs, Burmese, and Siamese. They are all united together here to share the peace, stability and prosperity of Malacca.

A mousedeer that kicked the majesty's dog

A mousedeer that kicked the majesty's dog

 Disclaimer : This article has nothing to do with the dead or alive. It is only for assignment purposes.


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