Asam has its advantages and also its disadvantages for the consumer itself. For example, it is a must for pregnant women to have Asam with them. Why is it so? It is because they would feel dizzy and also frequent feeling as if they would about to vomit. Asam helps in relieving this feeling if it is consumed appropriately.

White Prune ( Hua Mei ) taken by Leen
White Prune ( Hua Mei ) taken by Leen

     That’s for women what about men then? Is it a good vomit stopper for them too? For them usually it’s a junk food or a past time tidbit while watching television or a long distance driving delicacy. They don’t really take it as a must food as pregnant women and the addicted people. Asam can work to wake the brain because of the sourish flavor of it. Asam also can works to get rid of something bitter meaning to neutralize whatever taste that has left from past food that has been consumed.

Prune Slice ( Xiang Se ) taken by Leen
Prune Slice ( Xiang Se ) taken by Leen

     For the fact of Asam, not all of them are sourish; some of it can be sweet as sugar. For those people who dislike the sour they can choose to have a sweet one. People don’t care much to buy it as a junk food, to them it’s cheap and it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket just because of buying Asam.

     There’s a lot type of Asam, such as White Prune (Hua Mei), Prune Slice (Xiang Se), Kayin Prune. This three Asam stated on top are the top three best sellers and also most frequent ones you can see at any convenient store, hypermarket or a grocery shop. Many of them are packaged in plastic that are sealed and some are packaged in small bottles that are easy to store or carried anywhere you want.

     We might wonder where Asam actually made of. Asam’s are actually dried fruits that are preserved either with vinegar, salt and sugar. Different mixtures are created using these simple ingredients to create other mouth tingling Asam’s. Asam can be stored or kept in normal room temperature and never gets spoiled at all. Due to its high concentration of sugar, salt and vinegar helps prolong it from being expired.

     Most of the Asam lovers are Chinese. They top the list of Asam eaters and Malays come in second with Indian coming in last due to the certain people only in Indian groups love Asams.

     So when you look at Asam think of the good site and bad site when you take it. It can give you benefits if you take it in control but if you don’t, it will become the other round. Everything now days must take in moderation, so enjoy reading while eating your Asam.

Kayin Prune taken by Leen
Kayin Prune taken by Leen

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