by Haze Lim    

     Nowadays, you can pass by them on the street or on the mall, and sometimes you will feel cool with the marks that carve on their body. This is a kind of art, called tattoo. Normally we just found simple tattoo like graphics or words on their body parts which is arm, tight and neck but do you know, there still have a kind of tattoo that cover your entire body?


Japanese Tattoo cover the entire body
Japanese Tattoo cover the entire body
     Japanese tattoo, also named as Irezumi or Horimono in Japanese. This is a kind of tattoo that carves on your whole body. The Japanese tattoos cover the part of hands, shoulders, legs, and back. When you see it, you will though the people who have Japanese tattoo wearing a piece of clothe on the body. In long time ago, tattoo in Japan consider as the symbol of Yuzuka, mean Japanese mafia, or the symbol of the male in lower class act in an aggressive way. Japanese tattoo really gives a bad appearance to peoples in the past. But now Japanese tattoo had become more popular among the young people in Japan with the reason of beautification.
     In Japanese tattoo, there are three types of tattoo symbol which is Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. Kanji tattoo is a kind of calligraphy style writing that use by Japanese. This is the most popular tattoo in Japan. Kanji tattoo is written in Chinese character, the design of the symbol is unique and stylish to create an inimitable way to express the meaning and idea that you desire. This is the main reason Kanji tattoo is the favor of people. Beside, Hiragana tattoo is a writing style that use by Japanese in daily life. Hiragana symbol’s design is depending on your own creative artistic mode, it different from the Kanji tattoo that shows meaning. However, the Katakana tattoo is not writing in Kanji, it’s mean not in Chinese character. So it usually use for foreign country for the origin meaning.
Koi fish tattoo   picture from blogspot

Koi fish tattoo picture from blogspot

     Moreover, there is still having others popular Japanese tattoo styles which are Kois (qilin) a fish, a legend story character’s Tamatori Hime, Fudo Myoo the protector of the Buddhism, Kannon the Bodhisattva of the Mahayana Buddhism, Hannya Mask the terrestrial monster, Kiyo Hime, Suikoden Warriors, Tigers, Snakes and Dragons. Those Japanese tattoos have their own meaning.


Kanji tattoo   picture from Tattoos symbol

Kanji tattoo picture from Tattoos symbol

     Taking care of the Japanese tattoo until its recover while not harm your skin and keep the tattoo from fading is not that easy, here are some tips to guide you on how taking care of the Japanese tattoo:

1)      Wash the tattoo with an antibacterial soap.

2)      Keep the Japanese Tattoo away from the sun until it’s fully healed.

3)      Avoid the tattoo get wet.

4)      Do not use oily products such as petroleum jelly or lotion.

5)      Rub antibiotic ointment on the tattoo ( If your skin don’t have allergy).

     Every kind of tattoo is permanent, not only Japanese tattoo, but getting a Japanese tattoo is a big deal because it covers the entire of the body. So make sure you already think probably before you getting it.  



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