by Janna Niza

This day,many people are more exploring their body by using body art.One of the body art are henna .Henna is actually a tree plant of white or reddish flower that can be found in India,North Africa and
also the middle east.A reddish orange die colour from the leaves of these plants is used to create temporary body art.

Henna body art
Henna body art

This henna is not only use for creating a body art,but also as an protection from sunburn.
Henna is also used for medical purposes in the ancient times.Henna only lasted for 2-3 weeks.The colour will start to fade slowly according to your skin types.The technic of applying henna is known as mehndi or mehandi.Each of the design can mean different things to culture such as health,wisdom,and spiritual.There are also arabic mehndi designs,naturally this design are floral patterns on the hand and feet.While the african mehndi patterns are in bold,geomatric and usually black designs.

Tatoos are famous.Tatoo has been a normal human practice.The people of japan who wore facial tattoos are called the Ainu.These body art was wide spread through people such as in the Philippines,borneo,
Africa,North and South america,europe,Japan,Cambodia and China.Some people do tattoos for being their image or symbol.And some people use tatoos for cosmetic,religious and identification of their belongings
group mostly are ciminals.). Some Maori still choose to wear intricate moko on their faces. In Cambodia and Thailand, the yantra tatoo is used for protection.

Other types of body art are Tightlacing.Tightlacing is also called corset or waist training.Its an practise of wearing a tight crset to make the figure to an extreme modification and posture.Those who practise this
tightlacing technic are called tightlacers.


The highly main reason of wearing this tightlacing is for a slim waist.It is also depends on the silhoutte,and also wearing a corset can also change the woman bustline,raising the breast upwards and shaping it,the tightlacing also flatten the stomach.These effects are recorded temporary and wearing it claimed that it can weaken certain part of muscles and making it more difficult to maintain a posture without wearing it.

Scarification or branding is also a form of body art.Scarification are sometimes called cicatrization from the french.It means a permanent body modification uses scars scar tissues to form a designs,pictures
or words on your skin.The scar are formed by cutting or branding the skin itself.


Our body create the scar itself,but not the artist.The scars also will spread as they heal,it is usaully became a simple desings as smalls
details can get swalloed up in the healing process.

Another type of body art is scalpelling.It is a body art procedure which are similiar to body piercing.A creation to decorate perforations thorough the skin and other body tissues.This art is form with a scalpel which can immediately makes a holes with larger diameter.This is a technic where big piece of jewellery is places or being spacers in them.


There are dangerous effect of the scalpelling.The holes are likely to closes naturally over time than the normal pericing.This scalpelling are commonly uses in earlobes.Scalpelling is a new technique of body art.


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  1. damnnn. scarification and scalpelling looks painfil.:s

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