The Cave Taken by Haze

The Cave Taken by Haze

When come to dinner time or gathering, most of the people will choose a romantic restaurant to bring your beloved for dinning, and a place that spacing, can fit in five to six friends for gathering. No one could think off can dinning in a cave with a unique environment and tasty food. The CAVE, provide you this sense.

 That day I went to The Cave with one of my friend, the waiter and waitress there are very friendly, we were led to for two person’s cave in second floor. The light over there is slightly dusky, a bit hard to read the menu. I found in the menu it was western and Japanese cuisine. I feel eating Japanese cuisine in this environment feel strange, so I decide to ordered western cuisine. I ordered spaghetti, and my friend ordered a lamp chop, and both of us having fun to have two pot of different flavour fruit tea, actually one pot of tea is for two persons.

Fruit tea RM 13.90 (per pot)  snap by Haze
Fruit tea RM 13.90 (per pot) Taken by Haze

Two pot of fruit tea first served. The Summer is mix with orange and pineapple, and the Sunny is mix with peach and grape. The Summer tea is in deep orange colour, it taste sweet, it is more sugary compare to the Sunny. The Sunny is in light orange colour, when you drink the Sunny, you will feel the taste is more suit to those who not really interest in sweet stuff because of the grape, it taste a bit sweet and sour.

Spaghetti RM 18.90  Taken by Haze
Spaghetti RM 18.90 Taken by Haze

The spaghetti comes with 2 piece of garlic bread, on the top of spaghetti it have mix of green and red capsicum, some carrot slice, celery and special red sauce. The bread is crispy, the spaghetti cooked quite well, it not too hard or soft when eat it with the special red sauce and the capsicum.

For the lamp chop, it cooked with rosemary herb and black pepper sauce. Some carrot slices and a kind of herbal are decorate on the top of the lamb chop. The lamb meat is not too raw and it does not have the strong smell of the meat. For those who afraid to eat the lamp chop because of the smell, you can try the lamb chop on here.

Lamb Chop RM 28.90  Taken by Haze
Lamb Chop RM 28.90 Taken by Haze

The Cave is a place that not only can give an exotic environment for dinning, but the foods are tasty too and the price is considered as reasonable. It is worth it to dinning at there.

So what do you waiting for? The Cave is waiting for you to explore for more and more!

Check it out on:

The Cave

Couple Café and Restaurant

Address:  No 42 (16 & 18), Mezzanine Floor,

Jalan SS2/61,

47300 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

( Located at the same row as SS2 square McDonalds )

Contact:  03-7873 9888 / 9698 ( for reservation)

Operation time: 5pm to 1 am

E-mail :  thecave@live.com


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