by Ernie Natasha

map of australia

map of australia

     Melbourne, Victoria is the right place for you to go since end of April is a month of winter. The story of the beautiful places in Victoria such as The Great Ocean Road and Mount Buller was lingering in everyone’s thoughts if they have been there before. The distance between Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne it will takes for 8 hours flight. The journey to the city from the airport took approximately forty five minutes. The Swanston Hotel is the right choice for you to check in because the hotel is very convenient and the location is in the middle of city plus the price is also reasonable.

night view from The South Gate river.Facing the 'Crown' and it links to Swanston Street..(taken by ernie)

night view from The South Gate river.Facing the 'Crown' and it links to Swanston Street..(taken by ernie)

     As you know Australia is a 4 season country but most of us did not realise that some times in Melbourne itself the weather becomes 4 seasons in a day. It makes a lot of difference if you lived in Melbourne.  For example, the places, food, environment, people and the city itself really can take you off from the usual. There are some places that really nice, for instance, The Great Ocean Road, Mount Buller and the Penguin Island. The Great Ocean Road is a place where you can enjoy the view and spend time tranquilizing. The scenery is absolutely amazing and the ocean and the beach are still preserved. During winter, the locals and tourists do not just stay indoors but instead they go and enjoy the snow. The place that has always been an attraction in winter is Mount Buller where many activities can be enjoy such as skiing, snowboarding and so forth. There is another place where you can enjoy most in winter which was the Penguin Island. The Penguin Island is a place where you can watch all the penguins from tall to small making their way to the cold breezy beach. But in order to see them it has to be at night and we have to sit in the cold weather, many people waited with a blanket on and a cup of hot tea until the penguins comes up. It was so boring at first but it was worth it because seeing how adorable they are and made someone appreciate wild lives even more.

it was part of the tour,small quantity of the penguins were located in the aquarium for people to get a closer look at the unique animal

it was part of the tour,small quantity of the penguins were located in the aquarium for people to get a closer look at the unique animal..(taken by ernie)

Great ocean road

Great ocean road


     Other than enjoying the nature that God has created, the food and dining in Melbourne are also good. In Melbourne, there are few restaurants that are of ‘halal’ and they served delicious food. Of course the food here is so much better than in Melbourne, but some of it who often to go to Melbourne would prefer to go to that restaurant. For example, the ‘Nasi Briyani’ is one of the favourite choices in one of the restaurants called Bismi. The way they cooked it is so much better than the usual dish in Malaysia. Even though it is quite pricy, but it is very satisfy. In Melbourne, it is very easy to find a Indonesian’s restaurants because there is a lot of Asian’s especially students. There are few restaurants that are most of people would go like ‘Es Teller’, ‘Blok M’, ‘Nelayan’ and ‘Garage’. The food they served is hard to find in Malaysia. In fact, both of these restaurants originated in Indonesia. As for breakfast, House of Pancakes at Bourke Street is the best place. It’s called Pancake Parlour.


cityTrams in the city area


      The most convenient things in Melbourne is their transportation system. They have this sort of ongoing trains on land which are called city trams. It circled around the city blocks and also outskirts area. This city tram somehow encouraged more people to go around the city and not feel tired by walking. Even though a ticket costs about AUS$3.50 for two hours it is worth every penny. The famous stores for shopping is ‘Supre’, ’Forever New’, ’Dotti’, and ’Sports Girl’. A lot of people especially teenagers will go there because all the designs are superb. They are some places to get some souvenirs too like Victoria Market and St.Kilda beach morning market which sell all sort of souvenirs. Even though there are many things to do in Melbourne, but it all stops at 5pm during week days and 7pm on weekends, but not all shops. There are still certain restaurants that are close late at night, such as ‘Cili Padi’ and ‘Max Brenner’. For a chocolate lover who wants to rest their minds off for a while they can do to ‘Max Brenner’; House of Chocolate. Compared to Malaysia, most of the shop and restaurants close at late night and some of it didn’t close at all. For the teenagers in Melbourne, their busy night is only on weekends. This is because most of them are at ‘SEVEN’ and ‘EVE’, the clubs in Melbourne. This is where they party to release their tension.

     Actually, there are still a lot of places to go in Melbourne, But it all depend on you to find out since the price of the tickets are getting cheaper now. There are many places that people can visit and giving a lot of chances to people who can’t afford to travel to Melbourne before.


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