Explore Ikan Bakar

After a two hour drive from Kuala Lumpur , I finally get the chance to taste the popular Muara Sungai Duyong Ikan Bakar in Malacca.

By Zainul Azrin


It was a lucky night for me as I managed to get a table with 15 others on a busy Saturday evening at the Ikan Bakar Restaurant located just a couple of miles away from Ayer Keroh. I say I was lucky to get a place because we came in a group of 15 and managed to get a table immediately as the restaurant was already packed with customers in the evening. A lot of people who came with a large number of group will usually have to wait but I can assure, it is worth it.

All I wanted to have was their popular dish, Ikan Bakar .

As most of us were hungry, some did not even take their lunch to save some space for the popular ikan bakar, we ordered a normal serving of a typical malay dining such as , nasi lemak, siput laut , clamps , vegetables , fried squids, fish paste( otak-otak ) , sambal prawn, sweet and sour crab and sweet and sour fish . Since we came in numbers, we ordered 4 servings for every dishes.

The scenery is very wonderful , we can see the docking of fish boats, the fisherman relaxing by the beach side as it was already dark and dinner time and the smell of the sea which makes this place even more special. Even though the place was crowded, the food came quite fast, and it was perfectly cooked too. To quench our thirst , we ordered two big jugs of watermelon and orange juice. Fresh!

Of course most of us go there to try their ikan bakar, but the rest of the dishes are just as good . My favorite would have to be the sweet and sour crab and eat it wish Nasi lemak bungkus . Surprisingly , it was a really clean environment and the sea was not polluted and we can eat comfortably.

Coming with a huge number, the owner knew exactly what we would want to have and to add up with the missing link . I find the Nasi Lemak was a bit small , but nevertheless they can never ran out of stock. Another great dish I would like to mention is the Sambal Prawn, it reminded me of my mum’s cooking.

To conclude the whole dishes that we have ordered, I really have to give a good rating for this place, it is a five star restaurant! Everything was perfect from the food and fast service with cleanliness being their top priority for the customers to eat safely.

When the bill came up, it cost RM 450. I was not surprised as I came with 15 others to explore new things. They do have lots of other interesting stuff like assorted malay kueh and keropok just outside the restaurant. I had a good time and I should be coming back anytime soon.


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