by Hana Nazsulaeeqa Harun

It was only 10:30 in the morning, but sounds of little laughter and squealing already filled the air in Get Crafty.

“Can I go in now can I go in now?” A child excitedly asked her mother.

Get Crafty is a place where children could make a mess, rather than making it in the house. As soon as u step into the paintbrush arch, cardboard versions of pirate ships, kitties, even the ever loved Barney and Wall-E will instantly catches the young ones’ eyes. Boys and girls are spoilt with choices; with new crafts created every month, the child will never have to say “I don’t know what to make.”

Moreover, Get Crafty also celebrates festive and special occasions, by creating crafts with the theme of the occasion. Last Sunday, boys and girls alike swarmed the center all eager to make crafts for their fathers for Father’s Day.

Danish's Lady Liberty all set! Photo by Hana Naz
Danish’s Lady Liberty all set! Photo by Hana Naz

Four-year-old Danish Anaqi made a Statue of Liberty for his hero.

“I made this because I know my Daddy will like this. He always likes what I make,” he says with one breath when asked about why he chose to make the Statue of Liberty.

The replica of the green landmark was made merely out of thick cardboard for the body and base, newspapers for the torch and the Liberty’s cloth, and a little hot glue to add to its details. The statue was a special craft requested from Danish himself, and Get Crafty teacher Farid Saian was the one made it who was able to make it all happen.

After happily completing his statue, and proudly showing it to his mum, he loudly exclaimed, “Next time I want to make a tsunami!”

Teachers are still clueless on how a tsunami craft would look like.

Nurul Syafiqah decided to make a personalised card with the pop-up words of “Happy Father’s Day” and says “You are my star”.

While painting carefully, choosing the most macho colours, she says, “My daddy is like the brightest star in the sky! He is the best dad in the world.”

Curious to know her reaction, I asked whether she would share her dad with any other people, without any hesitation she said, “NO! My daddy’s my daddy.”

Syafiqah's gift for her Daddy. Photo by Hana Naz
Syafiqah’s gift for her Daddy. Photo by Hana Naz

Pictures of Homer, Darth Vader, and Tunku Abdul Rahman credits to:,,
Pictures of Homer, Darth Vader, and Tunku Abdul Rahman credits to:,,

Well known to parents around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, this center offers art and craft making sessions for children as young as two and a half. Mothers and fathers are often surprised at how young Get Crafty accepts students. Store Manager, Mr. Munzir, explains that once a child has the motor skills, and is able to grip a brush, he or she can start classes.

As the kids drift away in Paint Land, parents can just leave them at the center while they go have an hour or two enjoying themselves, giving them a chance to miss their children before picking them up.

A session at Get Crafty costs RM 45 for an hour, whereby the child can choose any craft shown on display, according to their age. Classes are conducted every day on an hourly basis, and every hour beginning 11 A.M till 8 P. M. No appointment or booking is needed, just come to the center 10 minutes before the hour starts, chose your craft, and let’s get crafty!

Get Crafty is located at
2nd Floor, New wing,
One Utama, Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77297155

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  1. darth vader hahaha. which kena reject join pasukan jahat in night museum 2. anyway i like the box. 🙂 keep it up hana. mana tau boleh kasi kuar lagi msia today.

  2. OMG the craft thingies are so cute!!!

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