by Fatihah Ramli

London is the capital city of England and The United Kingdom. The city’s core, the ancient City of London, still retains its limited medieval boundaries…London is one of the world’s foremost global cities alongside New York City and one of the largest financial centers alongside New York City and Tokyo. The city’s influence in politics, education entertainment, media, fashion, the arts and culture in general contributes to its global position. It is a major tourist destination for both domestic and overseas visitors.My first visit to London was last spring and it was an unforgettable experienced ever in my life. I took a direct flight from KLIA to London.When the flight touched down at Heathrow airport that morning I can feel the air breeze through my face that so fresh and the smell of that metropolitan city really make me eagerly to explore the city quickly. The tube that I took from Heathrow airport took about 20minutes to reach the city centre and I stopped at Bayswater station. This is where I was staying for the rest of my visit to London. I checked in into Bayswater Inn,a London hotel is ideally positioned for visitors to the UK wishing to enjoy the sights and delights of Central London, being close to Kensington gardens with its famous Serpentine boating lake, art gallery and Albert Memorial and within easy reach of Marble Arch, Portobello Road antiques market, Madame Tussauds, the high class shopping area of Knightsbridge and Whiteley’s Shopping Centre, the West End with all its theatres, and the famous night life of Piccadilly Circus.

Taken by Fatihah
Taken by Fatihah

And to list more it’s going to take me ages to compile it all.There are lot of things I want to do at the same time but with a short time that I had, im trying really hard to make sure that I visit all those famous tourist attractions and churned with the Londoners. As far as I concerned this Londoners are quite sophisticated and cold but from my experienced they are really cool people and you can easily feel yourself as part of the Londoners themselves. They are very friendly and easy to approach.I went to Marble Arch which was 10minutes walked from my hotel. The best thing to explore London is by walking but make sure you did wear a proper shoes or trainers if you want to do a sight seeing session. You can see a lot of souvenirs shops here in Marble Arch and of course it’s famous Arch which was located in the middle of the city. After that I walked down the streets to the famous Oxford Street where all the high street shopping mall was located. You can find all the famous designers shop here from Louis Vouitton to Topshop,MNG and Zara, GAP to Swarovski and many more. Luckily I already had that shopping budgets on my list do I ended up the whole days browsing and buying of coz a few stuff from my favorite designers shop. The next day I woke up really early cause I don’t want to miss my trip to that famous place such as Buckingham palace, London Bridge, London Eye, Hyde Park, and of coz Big Ben and House of the parliament.

Taken by Fatihah
Taken by Fatihah

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of Her Majesty the Queen and serves as both home and office. The Palace’s 42-acre garden is an oasis for wildlife, and visitors can enjoy a garden walk that offers superb views of the Garden Front of the Palace and the 19th-century lake. And for its famous London eye, The Eye stands a whopping 135 meters high on the South Bank between Waterloo and Westminster Bridges, right opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and provides stunning views over central London and beyond. Visitors are treated to a gently paced half-hour ride in space age capsules holding 25 people each, hopping on and off as the wheel moves. An increasingly popular idea is to visit the Eye at night time when the view is perhaps at its most magical. The Tower of London is one of the world’s major tourist attractions visitors and you can discover its long and eventful history, its buildings, ceremonies and traditions, and to get a glimpse of the world famous Crown Jewels. The Tower of London is on the River Thames next to Tower Bridge. Big Ben is possibly London’s most famous landmark. You can visit the Houses of Parliament to watch proceedings from the public gallery. The Big Ben itself stands famously near the Westminster abbey and not far from river Thames where The London Eye were located. You can access both of them by walking and those historical buildings around it will amaze you. For the whole days I spent most of my time visiting all these famous places in London and to be honest my whole week there still not enough for me to explore the City of London .

Taken by Fatihah
Taken by Fatihah

And for it’s nightlife there are lots of entertainment waiting for you such as the famous Soho street and hundreds of clubs and theaters around the city.I would definitely go back to this famous city in the world for another trip in nears future.So lets go to London everyone…!


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