by: Stella Chua

A great recommendation for vacation lover, and people who intend to visit Indonesia. It’s Bali, the most preferable island for you to visit in Indonesia.

Map of the ultimate island, Bali.

Map of the ultimate island, Bali. Picture credit to: members.cox.net

Bali is one of the most famous islands among over 18 thousand islands in Indonesia. It is known as the island of God because of the history of how this island was created. The unique attraction had become the focus point of tourist and photographer from any direction to add another remarkable experience in their journey. Bali has the outstanding nature view like nowhere else in this world; the spectacular rice terrace, tropical beaches that fill with feeling of lively summer, ancient temples all over the street and many more tourism attraction.

Balinese’s life is strongly influenced by their religion, Hindu. That is why there are diversified festivals held constantly every year that have strong relation with their religion and culture.

Bali is worth visit because of the prosperity festival that really captured attention. The best time to visit Bali is on the mid March to April. A few ceremonies will be in progress during that period. One of the famous one is Odalan. In Balinese word, it signifies the anniversary of temple’s founding. On that day, every temple in Bali will beautifully decorated, noisy parades and also food offering. This is certainly a great opportunity for those who love to participate in joyful occasion.

Follow by Melasti, another religious festival. On that day, everyone will dress in their finest to make their way to the sea or spring water and will bring along their offering and sacred statue to worship their God. In all these festivals, tourists are very much welcome to join and this will be a very good chance for the outsider to attempt some different culture.

One of the famous attraction in Bali; Tanah Lot Temple.

One of the famous attraction in Bali; Tanah Lot Temple. Picture credit to: maftukhinrido.blogspot.com

There are few places in Bali that you should visit. First of all is Tanah Lot temple. It is one of the most important temple in Bali. It was built on a huge rock and surrounded by the sea. A great view you can found there and also great quantity of stalls are selling souvenir and crafts. The highlight is the spring water. Balinese believe that it comes with special purpose for people who like to pray for a good health.

The mother temple of Bali; Besakih Temple.

The mother temple of Bali; Besakih Temple. Picture credit to: traveloquecities.wordpress.com

Another high rated viewpoint is Besakih temple. It is well-known as the “Mother Temple of Bali”. It was built at the slopes of Mountain Agung and also known as the holiest and biggest temple in Bali. There’s an impressive mountain view behind this temple and it’ll totally amaze you during the gaiety festival. For the Balinese, a visit to this temple is a special pilgrimage, so for those who are very sincerity in worship, this is the right place!

Paradise of Bali; Kuta Beach.

Paradise of Bali; Kuta Beach. Picture credit to: traveloquecities.wordpress.com

And for sure, beaches! This is the main reason for most of the visitor who came to this island. The beaches in Bali are very crowded with Balinese that full of passion and also tourists that had accounted half of the number of people. You’ll love the beach and the sensational feel! Highly recommend, Kuta Beach, a place you can found the most beautiful sunset!

Now Air Asia is having promotion flight to Bali, and the lowest fare is only cost from RM100 per person! Last but not least, Bali is the highest on record of worth visiting place, and it also has the highest evaluation from the past visitors. So what are you waiting for? Grab your air ticket now, with just a simple bag pack will do, and go for a great journey to this ultimate island!

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