By Farah Nashrina

Getting on the bus was not an issue but the 10 hour ride would simply drain the excitement that was built before. Upon arriving at the jetty in Terengganu, another form of transportation was needed to reach the actual destination. Speed boats that took 15 passengers carried visitors and tourists across the ocean and to the small island which the locals call, Pulau Perhentian.

MARS ATTACK : Mars Shake RM 8

MARS ATTACK : Mars Shake RM 8



Since there is no proper built jetty, the speed boats stopped exactly on the beach where it meets the clear water. Those who arrive have to carry their own baggage, walking in the sinking sand towards their respective accommodation. Even though some might have to walk a bit further than others, by taking off their footwear and walking on the sand which felt like walking on powder or flour, the walk will seem much shorter than it actually is.

From a near distance you could see the red and white checkered table mats and typical light blue plastic chairs placed in the open space in front of the food stalls itself. Bear in mind that the tables and chairs and even the stalls are based on the powdered sand facing the breezy ocean which will tend to built up a feeling of desire for the food there.

Anywhere you go in search for food, there will always be a specialty or a signature dish that represents the particular place. On Perhentian Island, the fresh seafood dishes and one of a kind shakes are the main attractions that leaves the visitors wanting more.



In the heat of the sun, a good cold shake would really fulfill your satisfaction. The Daniela Café on Perhentian Island offers a variety of fruit and specialty shakes of all kinds which fulfills every need. While an orange fruit shake seems typical like what you will find anywhere, the Mars, Snickers and M&Ms shakes seems to be a favorite to tourists.         Although the wait was merely 15 minutes after ordering, the excruciating heat made it seem as though hours had pass by. However, the wait is well worth it once you take sight of a waiter carefully and gracefully carrying the wonderful, a hybrid of a chocolate bar and a milkshake towards your direction. Nothing like your typical shake where the amount is usually a displeasure, but here the shake practically overflows the glass making it look like an erupting volcano…of ice!

The first taste of the well made chocolate shake will indeed feel like an  eruption of chocolate candy in your mouth, tasting exactly like what you’d expect from a frozen chocolate bar in tiny delicious shards of ice.

What would come well with a good dessert like drink if not a well grilled BBQ meal? During dinner time, the chefs at Café Daniela would set up their BBQ pit in front of the customers and start grilling a variety of seafood. The aroma from all the grilling is so inviting that more and more people choose to sit and dine rather than just walk on by.

The BBQ menu gives customers a choice of seafood ranging from sting rays to blue marines to choose from. Garlic butter, sweet and sour and curry are a few sauces that they offer to cook the seafood with. The BBQ comes with side orders to choose from, either baked potatoes, French fries, mixed vegetables or rice. The meal is also served with fresh fruits and a small glass of orange cordial drink. Sure enough, island seafood is definitely fresh as it is caught daily, which means the seafood here taste even better than in the city!

Various types of local Malay dishes are also served alongside the western menu. Even though the choice of dessert offered here is limited such as fresh fruits and banana spilt ice-cream, it is assuring to know that fruits taste fresher and much more delicious while on vacation.

The pricing of the food items were surprisingly cheap for a place that is meant to be a tourist attraction. The BBQ set costs RM18 per set while the shakes range from RM 6 to RM 8. In my opinion, the pricing is not expensive at all for great food with a great view and a great crowd. Of course nothing could compare to snacking or pigging out while sinking your booty into the sand on a floor mat.


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  1. “just shake it, baby! Oh yeah”?


  2. this makes me hungry.

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