by Haze Lim

     In an elegance restaurant, the restaurant’s CD player played the classical music. This was the first time I saw this ever-changing queen of canton pop in the 1980s, she is Anita Mui Yim Fong. Her body very thin, with the short black hair, wearing black colour spaghetti top with an orange red colour jacket. Peach colour lipstick, light pinky cheek powder apply on her makeup, give people a friendliness feeling. She come toward me and greet me in polite, she do not have haughty manner; let me feel easy in mind.

Anita Mui childhood photo  credited by

Anita Mui childhood photo credited by

     Everyone have own childhood, of course as a superstar not exceptional. I feel curious to know about it. When I ask about Mui’s childhood life, her eyes turn around and start thinking to her past time. She told me she grows up in a poor family. Mui have two elder brothers and an elder sister, she is the youngest in the family. Her father died when she was only 5 years old, the financial problem of her family was getting worst, she told me that she not really knows about it because she is too young. But at the age of five, she and her sister Ann Mui Oi Fong became singer, performed in the nightclub to earn money for raised the single parent family and for her two elder brothers attend school. When Mui says until here, she stops and smiles. I asked her how was her study at that time, she says because she finding hard to balance in her study and the singing job, so she sacrificed her study opportunity, dropped off school after reaching form one. She continues told me she feels regret to do not have good further education now. After telling me this, Mui rub her nose, and I saw tears rolling in her eyes orbit.

     To slow down the atmosphere, I ask some questions that not so stress Mui. As we know, 1980s was Mui’s glorious era. She has a lot of achievement in that time. This is the Mui most unforgettable achievement, Mui talk in joyful tones, when she was 18 years old, she takes part in the Talent Singing Contest which organizes by Hong Kong TVB, and she beat 3,000 competitors, became the winner and she reported get 99 score, the highest score by the judge, a lyricist, Joseph Koo. I ask her how she can do it so well in this competition, she answer me in very proud, “because I already had 13 years experience on stage! Nothing can fear me.” She laughs. Then Mui continue says, after she won in the contest, she had signed with record label Capital Artists, and she’s first album release on year 1982 named <Crimson Anita Mui>. I ask her how was the sales of her first album, Mui answer me in humble way, she says “just 250,000 copies, erm…… for a new born singer at that time, it consider as ok.” After I heard it, I feel she is so amazing at that time. On year 1987, Korea had invited Mui to perform in the opening ceremony of Summer Olympics in Seoul, she says it is a good experience for her during that time.

Anita Mui in the movie Rouge   credited by movietome

Anita Mui in the movie Rouge credited by movietome

    Anita Mui not only sings very well, but she also an actress that well known in Asian region. When I mention about her acting career, Mui’s gesticulation become more active, she act a Kung Fu style for me to see. Then she is laughing to herself. Mui says her first action film was the Dancing Warrior at the year of 1983. Mui gets several award on 1980s, I ask Mui still can remember what kind of award that she get in that time, she act in strangely and honk her mouth, says on 1984, get Best Supporting Actress for Fate and Golden Horse Best Actress for Rouge in the year of 1987. After she told me that, she says her memory still good in condition, it had make both of us laughing together.

     Anita Mui is a kind hearted person, she involve in charity project through out her career. Mui mumbling a while, she list out a few charity project that she participates, which have establish a nursing home in San Francisco, “Anita Mui True Heart Charity Foundation” on 1993, and the recently is the fundraising concert named 1:99 Concert for Severe Acute Respitory Syndrome (SARS) affected families.      

Anita Mui Day Care Center  credited by Cultural China

Anita Mui Day Care Center credited by Cultural China

     Not every artist’s career will always on the top of the hill, it will drop on sometime. On 1990, Anita Mui’s career start decrease, Mui also announced she retires and pulled out all music award competition. Based on this situation, I ask Mui what had influence her made this decision, she look a bit down, bite her lower lips and tell me slowly, she says because of her loved one, she emigrate to Canada marry to her boyfriend, Paul. Mui thought she will live with her loved one happily forever, but the fact is her boyfriend could not handle her fame, so they broke up. Says until here, suddenly the environment become silent, Mui drink the orange juice, and carry on telling me the past, she says three years later, she abandoned her offer for Canadian citizenship, returned to Hong Kong develop her music business but unfortunately, she can not regain her most popular singer’s status in Hong Kong. She says it was a hard time for her, the only way she can do is transform herself to “respected elder”, mentoring some artists such as William So Wing Hong, Grasshopper, Andy Hui Chi On, and Patrick Tam Yiu Man. After telling me this, Mui start use her fingers to count, she keep on telling me in fast speed that she not only mentoring artist, she also become advisor for Eason Chan Yik Shun and Sammi Cheng Sau Man and help Samuel Phang Ging Chi and Denise Ho Wan Si manage their career. Finish saying this, Mui takes a deep breath and smile at me. I found the entire artist that she mentors is male artist, I ask her for the reason, she told me the truth while giggling, actually she do not want to create competition for herself. She told me Denise Ho is exception because she feel that Ho have talent.

Anita Mui credited by

Anita Mui credited by

      About Mui’s health problem, everyone had known and very concern about it, on the last month, September, Mui had announced to media that she get ill in cervical cancer, this is the obstacle that she facing now. Mui very optimistic and says in strong mood to me, “I’m not afraid of dying, or I would cured myself of this illness by seeking early treatment.” I believe everybody will adore her spiritual, not only me. Hope Mui can fight against the cancer. Even though, Anita Mui very success in her career, but she says “Many people have ask me which one I want to be a happy ordinary person or an eminent star. If I could, I would choose to be a happy ordinary person.” So she tell me that she no use to act like a superstar in front anyone else.     

“Instant shining is not eternity, show business is a hard life. I wonder how many people will remember me after I leave the business for good. My hope is that when they feel bored and look at the stars in the sky, people will think of my name.”- Anita Mui   

Story disclaimer : This is a story that writes in purpose of course work, the content in this story is refer to the sources on internet, and some is create by own.   



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