By Janna Niza

Roberto Escobar -“Pablo controlled all drugtrade”, “But I controlled the money, I was the acountant.

Pablo Escobar Pablo Escobar

In an quiet room,with only a table and 2 chairs being place against the wall and with little lighting from the window comes in a famous King of Coke ‘Pablo Escobar’.He was dress in a dark suit,messy curly hair and moustache on his face.The expression on his face tells that he is annoyed and fierce.He greeted me in spanish ‘¡Buenas tardes’ which means hello good afternoon.As he sat down,take a cup of coffe and start to chatter.Telling his historical background and life style.He was born in the year 1949 ,a son of a farmer and a school teacher in Medellin,Colombia.Througout his childhood year,Pablo was not a lucky kid as he was being expelled from school and got driven himself into petty crimes.

Pablo and his wife Pablo and his wife

The life of criminals started when he was a teenager as he pursue himself of being a car thief,stealling headstones from graveyards and re-sold them to the other villages and snuggling it to Panama.Also he was selling fake lottery tickets and cigarettes.He was also married to Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo and they had two children  Juan Pablo and Manuela.Growing up,he even told his parents that he would be the world richest man .

Fabio Ochoa Fabio Ochoa

In the early era of 1960’s,Pablo told that he started working and involving in cocaine businees when he delivered cocoa paste from Andean Mountians.Pablo also  wishes to become the most powerful man in Colombia.As days goes on,Pablo’s reputation grew after  Medellin dealer named Fabio Restrepo was murder by him in 1975.From there,he got himself 14 kilos of cocaine.All of the worker’s of Fabio is now working for Pablo.1 year later,Pablo and several of his man were arrested for heavy loading from Ecuador.They were carrying 39pounds of white paste.Being release after many months,Pablo says that he killed the two policemen who arrested him and with this many authorities was scaredand starting to bribes with him or they will get killed to.This makes goosebumps on my skin,but Pablo was showing no intrest as he wanted the interview to be over soon

Jorge Ochoa Jorge Ochoa

Pablo was 26 when he earn himself $35,000 of cocaine money and was 30 when he earn $63 million owning himself a private helicopter,private zoo and lands in Colombia.While in 1980’s,Pablo proudly tells me that he had become the Medellin Cartel gained notoriety.This mean that he had the power of controlling 80% of the shipments that includes the United States,Mexico,Puerto Rico,and Dominican Republic,not only that but Pablo also managed to bribe Colombian goverment,judges and politicians.For his bribing effectiveness,Pablo was know as ‘Plata o Plomo’ in spanish which mean ‘Silver of Lead’,or accept a bribe or face assassination’.Running the bussiness,i asked Pabloe what was the challenges that he has to face,Pablo answer the 3 competitors which is the Ochoa Brothers.Pablo decided to cooperate with them and soon the business had become a huge organization and they began to work together creating a 3 grops of shipment.It is named Medellin Carten and they manage to split up the US market and competitior such as The Cali Cartel.

Juan Ochoa Juan Ochoa

I asked Pablo did he know that he was name the seventh richest man in the world along his organization the Medellin Cartel,he gave a simple nod of showing me that he does know it.From his organization,Pablo said that even planes,boats,private army and vehicles was controlled by him.But his biggest suxcess was that he purchased a controlled submarines to controlled his loading of cocaine.His Cartelwas running 5 times a week into the State and Pablo earns himself millions dollar per day.Even with his drugs dealing,Pablo bought a soccer field and even sponsores a soccer team himself.Pablo set’s up a social programs for poor people and even hired them works such as construction,running his business,and to teach in some local schools.Pablo tells me at the time,people was looking up to him as he was giving and doing more for the people comparing to the local Federal Goverment of Medellin.

Early 1990’s,Pablo’s life was becoming a danger as he was being threat for the US prosecution.Pablo tells that he began kipnapping the colombians and killing people who supported the US.Later on he saids that a deal was made and Pablo decided to turn himself and making deal with goverment.I ask him,what was the deals?Pablo was silent for a moment,it was like he was thinking of telling it or lying it to me. But than decided to share it after all.The deal was he is being send to prison,which Pablo saids that is more like a private resort for him and in there his business doens’t stop but continues running.Pablo was building his own prison named ‘La caterdal’ or knows as Club Medellin.His prisons has jacuzzi,and a living room.Pablo saids that he was the luckiets as he gets visitiors comes in easily,and some to pleases him.Later the president decided that it is unfair and Pablo was send to normal prison.

I was a criminal,Why wouldn’t i be escaping myself?Pablo suddenly interuppted me.Pablo escaped was one of the biggest manhunts in Colombia,but was help by the US Delta Force,Navy Seals,CIA,FBI and many more.Pablo was never busted,until he was being traced by a telephone call he made to one of his safe houses in Medellin.As the interviews coming to the end,Pablo stands up and shakes my hand,got his ciggarettes out and with a nod he got out of the room.That was really an unexpected things to do as i was actually scared and excited to talk to the world dangerous criminals.


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