By:Ku Nor Azreena

“Balenggang pata-pata ( Jalannya berlenggang)

“Ngana pe goyang…………pica-pica ( Goyangan badanmu……lincah)

“Ngana pe bodi…….poco-poco (Tubuhmu yang berisi dan lincah)

“Cuma ngana yang kita cinta (Hanya kamu yang ku cinta)

“Cuma ngana yang kita sayang( Hanya kamu yang ku sayang)

“Cuma ngana suka bikin pusing( Hanya kamu suka buat aku pusing)

Have you heard of this poco-poco song before?

Poco-poco is a type of dance. It is popular among tne Indonesian. from a chil to adults. It is given by generation to generation from great grandmother of Yospan community in Papua region and wayase community of ambon region. The dance is popular among children and adults alike and it is recognized in Malaysia.

Poco-poco is named after it’s original singer, Arie Sapulette. He was inspired when he saw a chubby girl dancing agressively in party. Suddenly, the word ‘pco-poco’ came to him. Arie composed the poco-poco song, ‘Poco-poco’. By the time he moved to jakarta in 1995, Yopie Latul sing his song again.

The steps depend on the music range from dangdut to cha-cha. The steps are based on farming activities such as picking cloves, planting rice, and peeling coconut rice.

According to Indonesian ambassador wife, Ibu Made, Darsini Rusdiharjo, Poco-poco has more than 6 steps.

isteri indonesia ambassador

(Picture:Ibu Made)

Before poco- poco become popular, this dance is for the Indonesian army to have fun among them.

Now, poco-poco is not only a tradition dance but it is depends on people creativity. some people made it as a part of exercise. But,the music range for the exercise need to be more aggresive.

Moreover, Ibu Made believe that poco- poco can be made into a good business such as basic dance classes and workshops.

The dance was performed mainly at function that were attend by royalties and VIP’s because of this dance seemed exclusive of the beginning. In it’s conception in Malaysia, this dance is later followed by all kind of people in government and private sectors.

Poco-poco become a part of the activities such as Malindo(Wanita Malaysia- Indonesia) and Dharma Wanita( wives for Indonesia diplomats). They will make poco-poco as part of their activities everytime they make a meeting or dicussion.

A lecturer from Performance and Arts Faculty from Universiti Teknologi Mara(UiTM), Syed Mustapha Syed Yasin said, poco-poco has it’s own aura.

The steps of poco-poco is really basic and simple. Beginners do not have to worry because the steps are easy to follow. The steps are sentimental suitable for the Malaysians.


(Taken by:Utusan)

Poco-poco competition was held at Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam on 27 May 2009. It was organized by Anggerik Mall Shah Alam Entrepreneur Society. The aim for the competition is to encourage people to exercise.

Poco-poco steps:

Foot movements1.

two times move to the right, (right foot, left foot, right foot,left foot-dot)

2. two times move to the left, (left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot-dot)

Hand movements:

1. When the right foot move to the right, the right hand move downwards and move upwards otherwise. When the left foot make the dot then the hand paused for a while before starts again (following the movements to the left)

2. The opposite of no. 1 for the left movements.And the ‘goyang’ must be patah-patah ya ….(hip move according to the foot direction)Then move towards the four cardinal points for the same movement before changing to another movements.


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