by Fatihah Ramli

Lady Diana Frances Spencer, (Diana Frances Mountbatten-Windsor, née Spencer) was born on July 1, 1961 and departed on August 31, 1997. She was married to Charles, Prince of Wales. The marriage lasted from 1981 till 1996.She was titled with “Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales”. After the divorce with Charles, in 1996 Diana she was no longer to be the Princess of Wales and even lost the title of her Royal Highness. She did receive the title normally used by the ex-wives of peers. Diana, Princess of Wales under the Letters Patent issued by Queen Elizabeth II during the time of the divorce.

Diana was also known as Princess Diana by the media and the public, but even though she did not possess such a title but she was not personally a princess, she even didn’t refer to herself towards the public as such. Some public belief that being Princess of Wales suppose to be known for marrying Prince of Wales. Usually, Princesses in their own right only will only claim the title by birth. She was in fact the first non-princess to be Princess of Wales for centuries.

From the time of her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 until her unfortunate car accident in 1997, Diana was known the most well- known woman in the world. She was also known for her pre-eminent female celebrity, a fashion icon, an image of feminine beauty. She was also admiring for her involvement in AIDS issues, and the international campaign against landmines. Diana was often known to be the most photographed person in the world. To her admirers she was known as a role model. After her death, the people calls for her to be nominated for sainthood while some people saw her life as a cautionary tale of how an obsession with publicity can ultimately destroy an individual.

It was June 1 1995, and the day couldn’t get any better as I got the opportunity to interview with the most iconic person Princess Diana. The interview was held at The Ritz Hotel, London where she was giving a speech concerning AIDS awareness. The interview between me and Princess Diana occurred in the Palm Court (the Tea Council’s prestigious Tea Guild) where we had some English tea for the interview. As we met she was very pleasant person and we sat down towards the interview.

So we started the interview, with me asking about her life. Well the first question I asked her how her marriage is going between Charles. With a smile on her face she answered “It’s going great and the children are having a vacation with him.” As I see in her face actually she wasn’t that of a thrill answering that question.  As the time progresses I went on with the second question how does she feel about her charitable work. Her expression change into a better mood and she answered it with fool of joy. “I am very happy with my speech since I got the intention of  the attendance about AIDS awareness, I fully support with my contribution toward this awareness and I hope I have open their eyes of how serious this disease.”

Thirdly I ask her about her about what she hopes for the future to come. “I hope that I could do more charitable work as I could use my status to promote better health for the third world country, who are  unfortunate with their low medical supply, I know it takes more then one person to change the world but, I hope what I have contributed could save some lives from misery.” Fourthly I ask about what she can expect for her two crown jewels her two boys. “Well for the boys I have no saying, those two had brought joy to my life and I hope they become a good hearted person and respectful gentlemen towards the public and to their family.”

Finally, I asking her what she can expect for her own self in the near future. “As life go on I hope that I could raise two wonderful boys, and be mother towards them, and hope what I have contributed towards the world will benefit the children of the future.” The interview lasted around fifteen minutes as she had a plane to catch. We ended the interview with hugs and I thankful to her cause let me do this interview.

*written for academic purposes only


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