Ramzan Nasi Kandar

by dhyamenet


Penang is a state situated in the northern shore of Malaysia. It is well known for its beautiful sandy beaches and the culture of its people, to name a few.  Every year, it has attracted a lot of local and foreign tourist as it is dubbed as one of the getaway haven from the hectic metropolitan lifestyle.

Another thing that made Penang as a favorite holiday destination is because of the variety of food that can be found there. As Penang is known for its diverse cultural values of its people, the selection of food there is wide, ranging from Chinese, mamak, Malay and Indian cuisines. But the most sought after food there would be the variety of mamak restaurants that are known nation wide. They are quite a few of popular mamak restaurants in Penang, and most of them are known for their specialty dishes, ranging from chicken, beef, duck and fish, unlike in Kuala Lumpur where every mamak restaurants serve more or less the same variety of food. It can be said that nasi kandar that are served in the mamak restaurants has become the staple food for most Penangites. It is known that they have nasi kandar for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One of the most well-liked nasi kandar restaurant in Penang is Ramzan Nasi Kandar. It is known as one of Penang’s best kept secret, as not many people are aware of this eatery spot. It is situated in Lebuh Ah Quee, Penang. They do have the regular customers, but somehow word has not gotten around about the existence of the delicious food served there. This restaurant started its business by Mohd Ibrahim in the 1950s, and it is now run by his son, Mohd Kamal. Even though it is not handled by its pioneer anymore, but the legacy of their delicious recipes are continued by his son who has made it as one of the household names in the eatery business. Ramzan Nasi Kandar is the specialty when it comes to Indian Muslim-style duck and goose curry dishes. Among the most sought after dishes that can be found here areBriyani ItikBriyani Angsa and Kari Burung Merpati. These dishes are so popular; it has been mentioned in the Internet by various bloggers who are food enthusiasts. Ramzan Nasi Kandar also serves Briyani Ayam and Mutton Kurma, which are not so bad themselves.

Nasi Kandar Itik Nasi Kandar Itik

Dhyamenet enjoying his Nasi Kandar Itik at 6.30a.m.

It is well documented that the best way to enjoy your nasi kandar meal is by eating it with your hand. It is the culture in Penang, and even foreign tourists have adopted this culture when they are enjoying their Ramzan’s nasi kandar. The authenticity of the spices used in preparing the nasi kandar dishes is so original, and it is said that it is impossible to get rid of the smell of the curry from your hand  after a single wash.

*If you are a Malaysian food enthusiast, you should at least give the dishes in Ramzan Nasi Kandar a run for your money whenever you happen to be in Penang!

Ramzan Nasi Kandar:


  • Briyani itik (duck briyani)
  • Briyani angsa (goose briyani)
  • Briyani ayam (chicken briyani)
  • Mutton kurma
  • Kari burung merpati (pigeon curry)

Address: 48, Lebuh Ah Quee, 10200 Penang

Tel: 04-261 4967

Business hours: 6am to 5.30pm

Close: Sunday

Type of food: Indian Muslim

Category: Halal

Budget: $ (less than RM10 per person)


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