Say ‘Annyonghaseyo’ to Korea fashion in Malaysia

By Ku Nor Azreena-

People in Korea create a new trend by experimenting with what people like to use in day- to – day basis. Korea fashion is a style that is different from others. It is a mix and match fashion with colourful, pastel or bright colours’. The people in Korea loved to wear something that is sparkling, fancy and funky to make them looked attractive and different from others.

Korea fashion is a new trend in Malaysia. Korea fashion or style can be seen everywhere among teenagers. We can normally see these people at the mall during weekends or in Bukit Bintang area.

One of the things that influence them to follow the fashion is Korea celebrity. Teenagers in Korea tend to follow the clothes worn by their idol especially from a boy band or girls group such as Super Junior, Big Bang or Wonder Girls. Besides that, teenagers start to follow this fashion through watching Korean dramas such as Full House and Stairway to Heaven.

According to a Korea forum in Malaysia,, Boys Over Floer drama is one of the most high ranking drama in Korea. Not only teenagers that started to followed the latest fashion in Korea but even other celebrity in Korea followed up the fashion after they watched Boys Over Flower drama.

Internet lovers are the 1st person that started the Korea fashion today. For example, many programmed in KBS world Channel (Korea Broadcasting System) involved Korea celebrity such as top show, celebrity performance and more.

There are a few comparisons why people in Malaysia loved Korea fashion more than Japan fashion. Korea fashion is fashionable, new, fresh, stylish and original compared to others. The designer knows how to mix and match colour and the material for the cloths.

Korean teenagers are more outstanding in fashion compared to others. This is because not only they followed up the latest trend of clothes in the market but most of them coloured their hair especially girls compared to Japanese teenagers. Most of the Japanese teenagers maintain their original colour hair.

Moreover, Korea fashion is a lot milder compared to Japanese fashion . This is because the Japanese people tend to used brighter colours and bold prints.

Korea fashion have more funky things such as ribbon, stripes and polka dot whether on accessories or clothes but in Japan, the pattern is more towards fruits.

IMG_2699(Taken by Azreena)


(Taken by Azreena)


(Taken by Azreena)


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  1. wondergirls’ song ‘nobody’ ROCKS.

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