Story and photos by Hana Nazsulaeeqa Harun

In search of the yummiest-tasting dessert, I venture around town. I stumble upon a pretty little shop painted sky blue with little white clouds hanging from the ceiling. The sign said, “A Slice of Heaven, by Just Heavenly”. Their glass display showed a small variety of choices. Nevertheless, I set my heart on trying the three most pretty-looking cakes I saw.

The shop front of A Slice of Heaven at Jaya One
The shop front of A Slice of Heaven at Jaya One

Just Heavenly, known for its delicious and novelty cakes has just opened a cake boutique at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Given the name A Slice of Heaven, the boutique nicely situated next to Cold Storage offers delectable cakes and biscuits for your pleasure.

A few minutes in, my first choice was ‘Death by Chocolate’, next it was ‘Caramel Walnut Tart’…but I had trouble deciding the last one. Service was pleasant – they didn’t satare at you, as if forcing you to get something quick. Instead, one of the crew suggested the ‘Banana Cream Pie’, saying it was the best seller there.

Initially I wanted to sit and soak in the atmosphere while I enjoy my cakes, but being a cake boutique I had no choice but to take it home.

The ride home was a fast one; I just could not wait to dig in to the desserts I bought. As soon as I reached home sweet home, the silver box of packaging sat nicely on the dining table. I grabbed a fork and with much anticipation I opened the lid and poked through the soft texture of Death by Chocolate.

The delectable Death By Chocolate
The delectable Death By Chocolate

This chocolate mousse cake is ecstasy to any chocolate lovers. The taste of the dark chocolate has the perfect blend of sweetness and just enough bitterness. Wrapped neatly under the dark chocolate was the soft mousse that complemented the taste.

Priced at RM 8.90, it would be quite hard to finish this cake all by yourself. For me, this delight can cloy if too much is taken.

Next to tickle my taste buds was the Caramel Walnut Tart. The pastry was a little crumbly, but the taste of the caramel together with the walnut exploded in my mouth – the sweetness of the caramel was just right. Not as sweet as any other caramel cakes, the crunch of the walnuts made this tart a somewhat pleasing one to eat. Big enough for two, this tart costs RM 10.90.

Caramel Walnut Tart, RM 10.90
Caramel Walnut Tart, RM 10.90

I was anxious-excited to try the last cake I had in hand, the Banana Cream Pie. The appealing design of this tart had me felt as if it would ruin everything if I ate it. This better be good, I thought to myself while slowly breaking the pastry and scooping out the sliced bananas and cream.

The oh-so-delicious Banana Cream Pie, RM 9.90
The oh-so-delicious Banana Cream Pie, RM 9.90

Much to my surprise, the combination of the bananas with the cream was enough to make me moan in delight. The taste was absolutely divine. Underneath the chilled mountain of the bananas was the custard cream that melted in my mouth. Without a doubt, this Banana Cream Pie was the best among all three. Carrying with it a price tag of RM 9.90, it is worth every penny spent. A Slice of Heaven’s best seller is a definite must-have for anyone who goes there.

My day of dessert-hunting was satisfied thanks to the tiny little blue shop on the corner. If you feel like having something sweet, then head down to A Slice of Heaven.

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