by Zetty Tawfik.

When we heard about western foods, it seems like everyone really love it and we will imagine; a plate of grill chicken with tartar sauce and served with mashed potato, or  maybe a sandwich with fresh tomato, salad and a slice of meat, or a delicious of beef burger with melt cheese inside, fresh salad and tomato. The taste is really great and marvelous. Plus it’s one of the famous types of food among all and it seems like famous in Malaysia nowadays. People in Malaysia seems already accept the taste of western food now because as we all know Asian food is more to spices cook, unlike western food.

Chili's sign at KLCC. Snap by Zetty
Chili’s sign at KLCC. Snap by Zetty

Chili’s is one example of the best western food restaurants in Malaysia which is located in KLCC, Mid Valley, One Utama, Bangsar Shoping Centre and Penang. It’s open every day and usually it open from 10am to 11pm. The recipe is the most popular among all restaurants because the taste is unique and delicious. We can get many choices in Chili’s and also the price, the menu, the taste and all is very worth it. The ambience of this restaurant is more cozy and comfortable. People can smoke and all but what I observe, they separate two sections which are for smoking area and none smoking area. They will check for those who are smoking whether they above 18 years old or not. Besides that, the pricing in Chili’s is not ‘that’ expensive but the range price would be from RM 10 to RM 70. That’s include the whole menu in Chili’s; foods, drinks, dessert and etc. The drinks in Chili’s are as usual as other restaurants. They will recommend Ice Lemon Tea which is unlimited refill, fruits juice, coffee, tea, and many more choices.

The tasty Chicken Crispers. Snap by, Zetty
The tasty Chicken Crispers. Snap by, Zetty

Chicken crispers is one of the famous menu in Chili’s whereby strips of hand battered chicken fried, served with sweet corn on the cob, honey mustard dressing for a complete taste and home style fries. The price for this menu would be RM 22.95. It’s not that expensive and it’s very worth it. It is usually served on a plain plate and simple decoration. Even though the recipe is very delicious, the restaurant is quite grand, but they not focus on decoration part. Usually this kind of restaurant that we can find anywhere in Malaysia good at decoration but this restaurant is more prefer to simplicity. Furthermore, the taste is enough to prove that this restaurant is good enough without any grand decoration in each one of their food. That’s make this restaurants is one of the kind.

The is how Country Fried Chicken looks like. Snap by, Zetty
The is how Country Fried Chicken looks like. Snap by, Zetty

Apart from the chicken crispers, another unforgettable dish which is Country Fried Chicken. If you are a chicken lover, you must not miss these two menus. Just like Chicken Crispers, the Country Fried Chicken is a good choice whereby a breast of chicken fried, served with a clever combination of mashed potato, an oily sweet corn, crispy garlic bread and a delicious tartar sauce. The taste is really fantastic and unforgettable. The price for this menu is a bit expensive a few bucks compare to Chicken Crispers which is RM 24.95 but it’s very worth it for 25 bucks food.

Instead of that, for those who are loves to eat Fish and Chips, it’s one of the Chili’s head favorite. Is the same with other Fish and Chips dish but of course the taste is different.

The crispy Fish & Chips. Snap by, Zetty
The crispy Fish & Chips. Snap by, Zetty

Usually when we eat this fried thingy, sometimes we will feel a bit nauseous, however you will not encounter this in Chili’s. The taste is more light and simple, and the price for these delicious Fish and Chips would be RM 22.95.

Those are a few example of delicious dish that we can have in Chili’s. So, Chili’s is a best choice for those who are loves to eat western food. The food is very worth it with the price it self and it gives the customer a good satisfaction. So, let’s go to Chili’s and bring your lovely family, friends and your loves one.



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  1. Lapar!

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  2. owh..
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