Durian, the king of fruits

Durian, the king of fruits

It’s the fruit season again and none of us can escape the little stalls on roadsides or supermarkets that sell seasonal fruit such as the king of all fruits, durian, mangosteen and jackfruit. Among these fruits, durian is undeniably the most popular.

True to its title, durian is a fruit like no other. For those who don’t know about the king of fruits, durian is a hard shelled fruit. The thorny outer part of the fruit is normally green and the flesh, different shades of yellow depending on the quality of the fruit. It has a smell that appeals only to those who love the fruit. Others might liken its smell to that of a dirty drain or even a carcass. However, once you get over the smell, the fruit tastes quite heavenly.

Although it is not advisable to eat durian in a large quantity due to its warming properties, those addicted to the fruit (most people buy the fruit in huge baskets or sacks) have a few tips to counter the effect. One of it is to pour some water into empty shell of the fruit and drinking it. Besides that, you can also eat durian with other fruits that have cooling properties such as mangosteens and rambutans. Pregnant ladies and people with high blood pressure are not advised to consume durians. Eating the fruit with alcohol can cause death.

There are many ways of eating durians. Some of the suggested ways of eating them are as follows:

1)      Opening the shell of the durian and eating fresh flesh.

2)      Fermented durians or better known as tempoyak.

3)      Durian-flavored ice cream.

4)      Cakes

5)      Durian dodol ( a stick, toffee-like Malay kuih)

6)      Desserts such as sweet durian porridge, kuih serimuka and bubur pulut.

There is no other fruit to rival durian’s unique shape, taste or the felling that it evokes it people (Durian is probably the only fruit in the world that can appeal to some and repulse the rest; there’s no middle ground to it). Love it or hate it, the king of fruits will remain that… The king. Enjoy the fruit season.

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