by Farah Nashrina


Just like in 2008, Urbanscapes did not disappoint its fans this year. Organized on the 27th of June at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center by Klue, Junk and Tounge in Chic with a host of different partners, Urbanscapes is the first and only all-day “user generated” creative arts festival covering every type of creativity in the Klang Valley. Urbanscapes targets to bringing groups and individuals from different fields including arts, music, film, fashion, shopping, nightlife and food.

The still arts exhibitions were divided into 3 areas. The main foyer was where The Alliance Bank Port-A-Art Exhibition was, which included displays by Eightyfourcube, Oh and Ah, They Art Studio, Pipit and Michael Chuah. Displays of photography was at the Pentas 1 Foyer where KLickr, Malaysian Radikal and Kukubesi showed thier images through their lens and point of view. On the outdoors was where the Urbanscraps: An Installation Art Project was held, while the multimedia area was filled up by Motiofixo + Bangkit and Efozy will be.

still art exhibition

still art exhibition. photo by farah nashrina

For those who appreciate arts through music, there were just too many options for these people. The Lawn Stage is where you would be if you were into bands. Famous bands like Pop Shuvit and Gerhana Ska Cinta perfomed energetic live shows. While this year’s breakthrough artist, Yuna moved fans by her hit single, “Dan Sebenarnya” and other great songs. Our own local reggae act, Pure Vibracion performed their irresistible music which had the crowd moving in no time. Killeur Calculateur closed the act at the lawn stage by blasting their fast-paced post-punk music which made fans running towards their sounds.


photo credits to wan muhammad atif

Something even better than rojak, The Box is where you get all sorts of unexpected music from acoustic performances, to poetry and even folk. Psytrus and Sulyn Ooi started off the opening mic session along with Poppy and Poet Stories. 3 back to back talented performers then performed their own version of music starting with Rendra Zawawi, then Rashdan Harith and Zalila Lee. Among those who performed are the Junk Voter’s Choice which includes Orange Free State, Lovesick Avenue and Khottal.

Living up to the name, The sunset disco is where talented DJs played their heart thumping dance beats right

5160_116827640968_601220968_2631701_8373237_n beside the lake underneath the skies. The Wkend Showcase played during the early part of the afternoon while later on in the day, the good looking young talented DJ John Fishdot kept the crowd jumping and dancing. The irresistible Twilight Actiongirl a.k.a TAG kept the crowd wanting more even after their last tune.

Throughout the night, there were random encounters of music by the late legendary Michael Jackson as a tribute to the king of pop. The crowd went berserk when TAG played Thriller and everyone was singing along while making his famous thriller move.

dj john fishdot. photo credits to wan muhammad atif

Over at the Cinescapes Stage, various Music and Movies combined as how pizzas and durian would come together. The weird combination is not for those straight forward individuals. KLue’s voter’s choice Gadoh by Brendan Danker and Namron was screened alongside well known movies like Yasmin Ahmad’s Sepet and Afdlin Shauki’s Sumolah.

For those who appreciate street performances, the KL stompers sure put out a great show that kept everyone around pumping. Other inspiring performances include the Electric Minds Project and The Oral Stage. The Tugu Drum Circle closed off the show with a huge bang of sound.

Those shopaholics were not left out at all during the event. Stalls were put out selling clothes, bags, shoes, pre5101_1151699402390_1524794528_30375585_4309906_n loved items, jewelry, vintage items and many more. Major names like Bijou Bazaar, Tic zone, Lah’ Lah’ Land and Threadszoo were main organizers for the minor stalls. The Tounge in Chic booth was joined with Mooks, Rimmel and Chic Yamada which gave out free shopping bags to the first 500 who visited their booth.

After all the hype before the eventful day, I would’nt even think that Urbanscapes this year disappointed anyone.

photo by farah nashrina


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  1. ooh nice! wish i went for it.:(

  2. harus la letak gambar fishdot yeah 😉
    (i wanna steal the little brother can or not)

  3. fishdot is a must.
    nak little brother, cannn.take take.
    big brother can gimmie 😛

  4. fishdot not so cute…try check out his niece……..wake up UNCLE BAAAA!!!!

  5. and nephew!!! Lil bro can take for free…..which one?

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