by Aeti Amira

Compared to Taiwan House in Signatures Food Court@KLCC and the one in Mid Valley, one would not be interested in the humble Taiwan House in Ampang Point for its no-deco-at-all deco(just newspaper cuttings of their restaurant’s review), but it is the distinctively Taiwanese menu that draws large crowds to go have their meals there.

The ever-so-busy Taiwan House in Ampang Point.

Taiwan House serves, well, Taiwanese cuisine. From the famous beef noodles and all kind of other noodle sets, rice sets to side dishes such as dumplings and Taiwanese pizza, just to name a few. The sets are priced RM10.50 for each and they come with free drinks. Don’t worry, the food worth every ringgit you pay.

The mouth-watering dumplings are also one of the dishes offered here.

Some of the specialities that I particularly enjoyed and the favourites there are definitely the beef noodle and beef rice. The beef noodle is served with flavourful hot soup,tonnes of vegetables such as carrot, radish and kailan) and of course, crunchy meatballs and huge chunks of very-very-very tender beef. Once you have a taste of it, it feels like fireworks in your mouth, and no, I am not exaggerating. The same goes to its beef rice(a must try!) where perfectly steamed rice is served with a plate of tender, flavourful beef with delicious gravy and a whole lot of vegetables(carrot, long beans and potato). Just add the chilli dip, and they are good to go! I am not a veggie person but I always finish up everything when it comes to this two dishes.

From a quick chat with one of the waitresses, I found out that the owner is indeed a Malaysian Chinese lady and not a Taiwanese as I expected. She got the idea of opening the restaurant when she went to Taiwan and had this wonderful bowl of beef noodle and so she thought, why not bring this delicacies to Malaysia? And if you think the bowls at the restaurant is big, it is not as big as the ones in Taiwan, according to her. I think it will takes up to three Aetis to finish just one original portion of beef noodle!

This is definitely a hidden gem in Ampang Point. Located at the first floor, this is the first outlet of Taiwan House and don’t be fooled with its appearance as it’s the only one, in my opinion, prevails its delicious original taste. I think the owner get all too caught up with the deco and other stuff for the other two outlets, not the taste.

So if you’re happened to be in Ampang, pay this restaurant a visit and have a taste of Taiwan great food!

Taiwan House Restaurant (Ampang) is located at
Lot F31, 1st Floor
Ampang Point Shopping Centre
Jalan Mamanda 3
68000 Ampang

Tel:603 – 4251 5131


Photos taken from BabeintheCity

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