By: Stella Chua

The fashion guru in Celebrityland, Lady Gaga. Picture credit to: www.mystyle.com

The fashion guru in Celebrityland, Lady Gaga. Picture credit to: http://www.mystyle.com

     Now who is on the track of trend? If we want to talk about celebrities, then who is the one? From the recent that everyone should have know, Lady Gaga? And what exactly is sense of fashion means?

     They wear cool stuff, odd shoes, and mix with super outstanding jewelry? Including some extraordinary make-up? If that is how it makes a person to obtain the best sense in fashion, why wouldn’t anybody following their trend? Isn’t those fashions are too “Alien” for some people, especially in Malaysia? However, it doesn’t mean that they’re strange or out of fashion sense, but that is not a trend for most of the people perhaps. Maybe they’re just, cool? Courage of trying out extraordinary stuff, or they just dare to mix their apparel much unmatched and contrast to look different in other way?

     A trend is something you girls, guys, would follow and wish to be. The word of fashion defines as the appearance of clothing. And it is so limited. That’s why, every season or even months, the designer will come out with different style of clothes, dresses, shoes and everything that could became the apparel of a person, something that you could wear it on, and that is what we call, trendy stuff. So they called it, “the latest fashion of 2009”, “Summer’s latest fashion”, “Fashion of winter 2009” and so on. It is so time limited, and have you gotten up the runway of fashion?


The crowd in Pavilion, KL. Picture taken by: Stella.

     Who has the trend and who is the most fashionable? There are so many people on the street everywhere and every day, throwing their best outfit on, and everyone probably think their selves are the trendiest among all. End out who is the one?

     No matter how and what you think of yourself or others on who will be the trendiest, let’s just forget bout that, UNLESS, you are the one who create the trend for this world, everyone would wear what you design and follow what you wear, which means, the designer!

     To be fair, actually, nobody has the right to decide for what is the trend right now except for the designer, because they are just the one who make up your apparel, and it’s only depends on how you match with it. You can’t just wear those designer’s clothes and tell others, “see, there are so many of them are following what I wear, I’m the trendiest”! But without those designers, where will you get that trendy stuff from? One should always bear in mind; the designer is the one who bring out the trend on you. Because it’s so often that the one behind the scene” get forgotten even thought there are many people all over the world wearing their design. Isn’t that a little too pity for them?

     Although some of the designer’s targets are not just to be famous in this industry, part of it are still because of their self interest in fashion, but hold on and think as you’re in their shoes, who don’t want to be known? Hey to everyone out there, always remember who designed “the trend” for you, if you want to be the trendiest in everyone’s eye, you might want to change the way on how you tell others. Hey, I got this from Dolce and Gabbana, see how brilliant is their design, to always keep me up with the trend”!


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