by Awallati Osman

Kota Damansara: Recently, we were feed by the news that the great SEGi University College buildings have dents, cracks and moulds. However, those are not the only flaws that SEGi University has. Another flaw that SEGi UC has is their undependable facilities.The facilities that they provided for the students in campus are actually good and useable, but when it comes to the in-campus hostels that they built for students are in a mess.

The in-campus hostels are two buildings that separate the boys and the girls in each building. The rates are from RM 250 – RM 350, which was quite reasonable and affordable. The facilities that they provide are wi-fi access, pantry, toilets, a common room for each hostel, and van services. When the hostel started to open for students was  in 2007, at that time everything seems perfect and the wireless connection were being so helpful to the students to get information for their assignments and at the same time as a channel of entertainment.

Since students are not allowed to cook in their rooms, they have to prepare their meals in pantry with the use of the microwave. And after 6 months, SEGi upgraded the toilet by putting in the water heater shower. Everything seems so perfect and comfortable back then. However after one year everything change, as the numbers of students staying in hostels are increasing. The toilet and pantry are often dirty and the wireless connection is getting worst as they did not upgrade it so that it could be access by almost 250 people at the same time.

It used to have two modem but now left one.

It used to have two modem but now left one. Snap by Awallati

The management only sends in cleaners to clean the toilet and pantry once a day, which to most students it is not enough because those two places are frequently used by almost sixty students per floor. The toilet’s shower is broken for almost a year now and the management did not even bother to call the repairing services in order to get it fix. The toilet bowl and flusher are also broken badly.

Bad floor condition in one of the pantry's in girl's hostel.

Bad floor condition in one of the pantry's in girl's hostel. Snap by Awallati

Dirty microwave.

Dirty microwave. Snap by Awallati

The sink now is unuseable

The sink now is unuseable. Snap by Awallati

The sink in the pantry however were always cloaked and dirty, so does the microwave. Since the place is dirty, how do they expect students to prepare their meals? Yes, maybe the students itself should have initiative to clean it by themselves, but having cleaners in for twice a day would be more helpful. Talking about that the van services that they offer before for students that staying in hostel to go to The Curve has now stopped.

“When I asked the warden why they stopped the services, they replied it by saying it’s not worthy as the services is free, so the management decided to stop the services. This is frustrating for us because the van services actually helped us save our money from bus and taxi fares, “said one of the hostel residents who only wants to be known as Lily.

SEGi  UC hostel management should really look on this matter as this is a very serious matter. If these problems go on, not only it would effects the students but also the image of SEGi UC.


2 Responses

  1. i know how u feel.. things can be so frustrating.
    they really shudnt stop the shuttle service la..

  2. yea. shuld’nt 😦

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