by Ernie Natasha     

     It is normal for Malaysians to spend time with families and the love ones on weekends, that is why most Malaysians make Sunday their leisure day. As usually, most people will go to the mall for shopping, lunch, watch movies or else, coincidently, my friends and me were there; at Pavilion shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. The Harry Potter, Half Blood Prince; it’s one of the greatest movie and lots of people are waiting for, since the movie is already out, many people are rushing to the tickets.

     Everything was according to plan and the cinema was filled up, every single seat was taken. After 10 to 15 minutes started, the screen went blank and the audience was shock. Malaysians are so patient because all of the audience were quiet and did not complain after 20 minutes waiting in the cinema. One of the audiences went out to find out what is going on. After few minutes, one of the staff came into the cinema and told us to collect a refund ticket due to electricity blackout. Hundreds of people went out of the cinema and they were really angry because of the careless of the Golden Screen Cinema, which had wasted their time and ruined their plans for the day.

      All of the audience were inform that they can receive their refund at the main counter. Therefore, a lot of people were rushing down to the counter to collect their refunds and because of that, long queue was formed until towards the end; at the Nike sports shop. Due to the negative situations, it has created a conflict between a customer and one of the GSC staff. The conflict was about one of the customer is complaining in a very harsh way and the GSC staff is responded in a very rude way towards the customer. Everyone was looking at them and they are almost fighting in front of everyone at the main entrance of GSC. But luckily, the other staff of GSC managed to control that negative situations.

      Most counters were closed for selling tickets due to making refunds to customers. After several hours, the management of the Golden Screen Cinemas finally overcome the difficulty and all the refunds were given back to the customers. Even though it was not a mistake by Golden Screen Cinema, but the blamed was on them. Actually, several shop in Pavilion was also blackout, therefore the problem was caused an accident by management of Pavilion. The Golden Screen Cinema is embarrassed with the situation and obviously for that few hours, Golden Screen Cinema is not making money. Hopefully if this happens again, the management of Golden Screen Cinema will know how to handle the situation calmly.  


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