by Farah Nashrina

You would have thought that only rural areas or less developed housing communities would face pests problems but who would have thought a high end neighbourhood like Bangsar would also be effected. Residents have been complaining about the monkeys jumping from roof to roof in the neighborhood.

just hanging around. photo by farah nashrina.

just hanging around. photo by farah nashrina.

At first, they were merely jumping around only on the roofs but after awhile, they started swinging around in the compound. Some even jumped on the cars and rested themselves on the housing gates. When residents thought that the monkeys would only be running around, they did not bother to do complain since no damages had been done.

Of course, after not taking actions, these pests would only take things more for granted. They start off by destroying the plants in the house compound and throwing things into some fish ponds. Some of the monkeys even pulled out the lighting decorations of one particular home.

According to a resident who wished not to be named, she came home one day, to find that her brother had left the sliding door open but gates closed. When she entered the house compound, her plants and flower pots were found destroyed. “When I walked through my front door, my house was ransacked as though I had just been robbed.”

The plastic bowl that held her fruits were on the floor and the remains of the fruits were scattered on her dining table and the floor as she explained. Her sofa and carpet was dirty from the foot prints and one of her curtains was pulled down.

really? still not electricuted? photo by farah nashrina.

really? still not electricuted? photo by farah nashrina.

When confronted, her brother who was upstairs did not hear a thing but probably due to the loud music blasting from his stereo. He was also shocked when he came down.

They have now made a report to the council representative on this matter. No further action has been taken at the moment.


1. Get a safety lock if they are messing up your trash can.

2. Call the animal control agency

3. Scare the monkeys everytime they come near

4. Put up traps to catch one, so the rest will keep away

5. Get a gun and shoot them ( if it’s legal)

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3 Responses

  1. Nash, are those real monkeys?

  2. macam patung je tu

  3. real monkeys okkkkk!
    cute but cheeky little things.
    macam alllly! 😀

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