by Fatihah Ramli

One Malaysia is a concept that introduced by our fifth Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak. This concept focuses on people and performance. Everyone must play their own roles. It’s required every citizen in Malaysia to think, stand and react beyond the line of races and ethnicity.

Taken from

Taken from

One Malaysia has several objectives that can be achieve through high spirit among us. First, this concept is focus on sustainable unity and respect the diversity of culture in our country. Diversity is a strong point to develop our beloved Malaysia. One Malaysia also focuses on the idea to create a government that based on the people.

One Malaysia also instills 8 values. This comprises an element that can unite us together.

  1. Culture of Excellent
  2. Determination
  3. Humble
  4. Embrace
  5. Loyalty
  6. Meritocracy
  7. Education
  8. Integrity

This concept is able to bring Malaysia to become develop not only in terms of economy but also in terms of politics and socials. This had created the consciousness among the leader toward the people need as mention by our Prime Minister that every people in the government should feel the pulse of the people. This means that the government should know what the people needs and wants, their interest, and creates the policy that benefits all the Malaysian. This concept also can mitigate the problem of dissatisfaction among the races that feels that their have been ignored by giving the promise that the government will treats all the races at the same level. For example, in terms of education, the government had established One Malaysia scholarship scheme to be given to any student that excellent without giving the priority to particular races.

One Malaysia is the idea that priorities on the transparency, integrity and accountability in every sectors which comprises of government and privates. This concept can avoid the problem of corruptions, abuse of power, oppression of power, and mismanagement in every sector. By this policy, it will create the justice and fairness in delivery of people money for the benefit of people. This also will create the efficiency and effectiveness in management and this would bring a multiplier effect in order for the Malaysia to become a developed country by the year 2020.

This concept has transformed the way on how we should manage our country. This concept also transformed on how we distribute the wealth of the nation, the justice and fairness in the entire of system


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