by: Stella Chua

Millions of football fans had brings the sensation back again to Bukit Jalil Stadium yesterday due to the visit of the English Premier League giants, Manchester United, and so called The Red Devil.

Manchester United Football Team. Photo taken by: Stella

Manchester United Football Team. Photo taken by: Stella

This is the fifth times for Manchester United to call upon Malaysia since 1980 and the last was at 2001 which Manchester United had score 6-0 against Malaysia. The friendly match with our national team this time was held in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur on 18th of July 2009 at 5.30pm. The match had totally caused an extremely uproar to the people from all over the place in Malaysia.

Heavy traffic jam occurred from Kesas Highway few hours before the match begin, everyone was rushing like the bees to the stadium as earlier as they can in the hope of grabbing the best seats as tickets were all for free seating except for the ticket that worth RM308. Just an hour before the match kick-off, half of the stadium was already filled.

Fans of The Red Devil. Picture taken by: Stella

Fans of The Red Devil. Picture taken by: Stella

The red sea filled Stadium Bukit Jalil. Picture taken by: Stella

The red sea filled Bukit Jalil Stadium. Picture taken by: Stella

Not surprisingly, 95% of people who came for the match are wearing red which represents Manchester United. So ashamed that only the minority of people wear the national color although this was supposed to be the home game for Malaysia!

The match kick-off on time right after the short period of time for the open ceremony. Everyone seems to ignore the heat of the weather and begin to cheers, waving their banners and shout out loud for the both teams and their own favorite players.

Unfortunately for Malaysia, MU’s Wayne Rooney beat the first score on the 8th minutes in the first half of the match, and following by the 27th minutes in first half, Wayne Rooney pass the ball to Nani when it came close to the goal and finally Nani strike another score for MU. Astounding scene was in the 2 minutes additional time after the first half, our country’s excellent footballer; Mohd Amri Yahyah had strikes the first goal for Malaysia!

His first precise kick was assault from quite a distant and past MU goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. Lively cheers from everyone no matter MU or Malaysia fans had filled the stadium at that very valuable rare moment for Malaysia and everyone seems to be very proud for their our national team.

Amri second goal! Picture credit to

Amri second goal! Picture credit to

After the 15 minutes half time, Malaysia team had filled with intensity and more confidence this time, and had made another criterion kick to the goal on the second half by Amri again! This time was partly because of the careless of MU second choice goalkeeper, Ben Foster, when he was trying to retrieve a back pass from their player. What an opportunity! Amri burst past the goalkeeper and surprisingly the target of goal had got into the back of the net! Here again this hit buzzed all the Malaysian in the stadium and another big applause for Malaysia team!

The match ended at 2-3, Malaysia lose one score to MU as Michael Owen who driven up the roar of MU fans had kick another goal at the second half after the 20 minutes he got into the field.

MU and Malaysia Team on the Field. Picture taken by: Stella

MU and Malaysia Team on the Field. Picture taken by: Stella

It was totally an extremely amazing match that leaves a great history for Malaysia and a deep carve of impression in every Malaysian’s heart.

Sound interesting and what a pity for those who had missed right? Then here’s the good news. Press had released that, due to the bombing cases in Jakarta, Manchester United had abruptly canceled their match in Indonesia and there will be the SECOND MATCH of Manchester United versus Malaysia tomorrow in Bukit Jalil Stadium and the kick-off will be at 8.45pm. This re-match had confirmed by the CEO of ProEvents, Julian Kam yesterday. Grab this opportunity! Manchester’s fans or Malaysia’s Fans, ticket can be purchase from all TicketPro outlets starting from today.

And make sure you don’t miss it this time!

More info about Mohd Amri Yahyah, click here!


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