by Haze Lim

Cutural costume competition.   Taken by Haze

Cultural costume competition. Taken by Haze

     On 11th June, SEGi University College, Kota Damansara had been held a SEGi Cultural Night 2009 at multipurpose hall on 6pm to 11pm. This event is organized by Chinese Cultural Society, sponsored by SEGi University College, EasyPha-max, and others. The purpose of this event is want the college students know more about others countries cultural, and make the relationship between races become closer. On that day, the audience who attended is students from SEGi University College, SEGi’s staffs, American Degree Program departments, and Business Faculty’s staffs, and outsider which include parents and student’s family. There are full of audience attend this event.

Charlie sing "I heard somebody called you baby"    Taken by Haze

Charlie sing "I heard somebody called you baby" Taken by Haze

     The event officially starts on 7.30pm. First of all, the president of Chinese Cultural Society, Mr. Tan Pek Tong had been invited to the stage for giving a short speech before start the brilliant performances. The performances are the Indian dance by “Kural”, beat box from international students. Beside, White House’s member’s dancing performance is the most popular because many audiences are students from American Degree Program. Christian society, Youth Ablaze, present a special growth in the dark, sign language performance attract audiences’ attention. Charlie, a SEGi student, unplugged singing two songs, which is “I Heard Somebody Called You Baby” and “You Are the Only One”, the audiences sing along with Charlie. Chinese Cultural Society member’s also present a performance which is street dance. Because of this event is related to cultural night, Chinese Cultural Society had made a competition to all of the audience who wear the cultural costume take part. The winner for man is an international student; however the lady’s part is a local girl who wears Egypt costume.

Growth in the dark performance by Youth Ablaze. Taken by Haze

Growth in the dark performance by Youth Ablaze. Taken by Haze

     On that night, Chinese Cultural Society proud to have the chance to invite Malaysian singer, Wee Meng Chi, to sing on the
Cultural Night, Wee had sang his latest album’s song, which included “I Want to Back Home”. The reaction of the audiences very excited, some of them dance when he sings, waving their hand follow the rhythm, and screaming his name.
Malaysian's singer, Wee Meng Chi.     Taken by Haze

Malaysian's singer, Wee Meng Chi. Taken by Haze

Between the performances, there also have dinning time for all the audiences. The SEGi’s staffs were served in a round table that full of food. That night, the foods prepared for audiences are in buffet style, there have fried mee, fried mee hoon, nasi lemak, chicken curry, roti jala, sirap, tea, and more. All the audiences’ very discipline, line up one by one to get the foods and drinks.

     “It is was amazing to have this cultural night, because it can let me know how was the others countries‘s cultural costume,” said by Liu Xin, Diploma in Accounting student, who come from China.

Up Coming Event

SEGi Revolution P.A.R.T.Y

By Youth Ablaze

Date: 17th July 2009 (Friday)

Time: 6.30pm

Avenue: SEGi University College,

Auditorium A


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