By Janna Niza

Last friday,on 17th july,an awards was held at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.The Awards ceremony was called Shout Awards!.The shout awards was an awards to give support and celebrate the great talents of musician and talents in Malaysia.This isthe first time an one of kind awards being held in Malaysia.

Vip tickets

The shout awards is aiming for four category of industries which is artist,actors,radio and tv faces.There are 16 categories and 5 nominations for each of it.The winners was nominated and voted by panel of judges and also by the public voters by using the shout awards websites.The categories for the awards are music for rockstar award,popstar award,power vocal award,flava award and break out award while for tv and film was best on screen chemistry,fresh tv series award,breakthrough film award,favorite tv program,and favorite tv host.The others are radio for coolest radio announcer and favorite radio show and the works are stylo awards,hot chick and hot guy award.This awards was being broadcast live from 8tv.

The list of artist that was performing are Pop Shuvit,One Buck Short,Joe flizzow,Jin hackman,Shila,Nikki,Estranged,Caprice,Bunkface,and a special tribute to michael jackson by Jacklyn Victor and special performance by the man himself Sean Kingston.

The Host
The Host

The opening of the ceremony was a ridiculous superb act.The performance was a blast,it is more an unexpected performance comparing to the other awards in Malaysia.

The scenery in the stadium was way more different than others awards.It was colourful and many displays of robot was being places at each centre of the stadium.Bunkface was the star of the night as they manage to grab themselves the ultimate shout awards,rockstar award,and breakout award.This is a proud Malaysian act as they are the newest to our industry.Also they did a performance which starts with three little kids playing the guitar and joining them later.

The crowd

The crowd was thumping with excitement and screaming their lungs out.Other than that series like ghost grabs themselves the fresh tv award,Ben Nadia  and Phat Fabes for favorite radio show,Jj coolest radio announcer,KAMI for breakthrough award,Stacy popstar award,favorite telivision program field trip USA and so much more.They was also an Upin and Ipin figure walking around entertaining the crowds.Outside the stadium was serve with food and beverages.

As the ending came close,Joe flizzow was perfoming and was join by Sean kingston later.He was the higlights of the awards.Camera flashing,lighst shining and voices screaming loud  throughout his perfomance.Altho he only perform 3 songs,that was satisfied enough for the crowd.

Sean Kingston

This awards was a complete thumbs up as many compare it to the other awards and they agree that Malaysia should change their image in making the industry a succes.Hopefully in many years to come,our music and entertainment businees industry would be more aggresive and satisfying.Finger cross!


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