by Nurazleen Naquiah

     It’s all begun at 4.30pm, when both teams that is Malaysia National team and Manchester United team arrived at Stadium Bukit Jalil for their warm up session before the exhibition match kicked off between the two teams. The stadium was packed  with 85,000 people with nearly 90 percent of them wearing red supporting their favorite English club that is Manchester United and 10 percent goes to the die heart Malaysian fans who believed that Malaysian football is not over yet. As soon as the national coach that is K. Rajagobal stepped out from the changing room and onto the pitch, the fans started cheering for him. It might have been an incredible feeling for the national coach looking at the nearly packed Stadium Bukit Jalil. Soon after that, the national team came out and started on their warming up session. Roughly after 20 minutes, Manchester United players came out with Sir Alex Ferguson the manager of the team leading them to the pitch, the crowd went bonkers cheering for them. I could almost not feel my heartbeat at all. It was a wonderful time of my life to see players like Rio Ferdinand, Nani, Wayne Rooney, and Ryan Giggs who were my idols from years of supporting Manchester United but I still did not gave up hope on the Malaysian team who was mostly Under 23 players and with only four senior players.

Bukit Jalil Stadium pic taken by leen

Bukit Jalil Stadium pic taken by leen

     Yes the time is finally here, and it was already 5.45pm, the players from both teams were ready, as they walked out from the tunnel to the pitch with the Malaysian team on the left and Manchester United on the right. The 85,000 crowd just went on shouting and cheering as I have never experienced such anxiety in my life for a football match. The matched kicked off at 6.00pm and Manchester United took the national team for a ride for the first 5 minutes. The Malaysian players were getting used to the speed and composures of the Manchester United. Soon the Malaysian team started showing their through potential with a few chances infront of Edwin Vab der Saar the Manchester United goalkeeper. United came close to scoring at 6th minute but due to the superb save by Farizal the Malaysian goalkeeper United were denied an early goal. On the 8th minute of the game, Wayne Rooney scored a goal. The crowds when on cheering like you never seen before. The true color of the United players were slowly showing and Malaysia has to step up if they want to equalize.

     Soon later on the 27th minute, due to a superb pass by Wayne Rooney, Nani came from behind the defense to score the 2nd goal for United. It was a fantastic pass by Wayne Rooney as he tricked the Malaysian defense to deliver it to Nani. From there on, Malaysian team did not bow down to the United players but actually stepped up their tempo and started taking possession of the ball. Many Malaysian players did manage to outrun a few of the Manchester players ad the skills started coming out from both teams. Malaysia players were obviously comfortable on the ball and started attacking from both flanks.Finally on injury time of the first half, Amri Yahya, scored a superb world class goal by beating Edwin Van der Saar with a fantastic lob from 30 meters out the penalty box to score the first goal for Malaysia. Both United crowd and Malaysian crowd join to cheer for the Malaysian team, who bounce backed to reduce the deficit. In the 2nd half of the match, a defense player passed the ball to the substituted Manchester goalkeeper that is Ben Foster, and he miss kicked the ball which he ended chasing for with striker Amri Yahya right behind him.


with my best friend pic taken by leen

with my best friend pic taken by leen

At last, Amri Yahya managed to outrun him and scored the 2nd goal for Malaysia. From here on wards, we could see, the Malaysian team did not give up at all like the previous encounters, and they were too in their on class playing confidently with the United players. The game went on with United desperately trying to score a goal which came in the 85 minute from a through pass by Ryan Giggs which Farizal the Malaysian goalkeeper managed to block it bounced back a little bit to be picked by Owen which then scored the 3rd and final goal. Even with that goal going in, the prides of Malaysian players were not tarnished as they showed on that night, they too were heroes fighting back to actually equalize against United and then lost with a goal deficit only. It was a history for Rajagobal and his team as he proved that Malaysian football is not dead and they are coming back up to the golden days when Mokhtar Dahari led the football teams to many achievements.


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