Capoeira is making its presence felt in Malaysia, and Engku Syafiq steps up to the  challenge by winning the World Championship Bantos Capoeira Malaysia 2009.


by ZAINULAZRIN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    azrin_2006@hotmail.com

VICTORY: Engku Kissing His World Championship trophy

IT was indeed a glorious day for Capoeira followers in Malaysia and People who gathered at the Damansara Jaya Bantos Capoiera hall to witness their own citizen winning one of the categories that was contested at the event last month. Switchon9 Caught up with Engku Ahmad Syafiq , 21 , who steered his way to victory as the world champion of 1st year student category at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. 

What made you become a fan of Capoiera Martial art?

I was attracted by Capoeira aggressive self defends elements and dance moves which I found to be very unique if I were to compare with any other Martial Arts. A friend of mine introduced me to this healthy martial art about 4 years ago. She is also a capoeiralista. The history of Capoeira is also one of the factors I joined where it was found 400 years ago created by afro Brazilians slave , rebel against the British colonese. It is simply fascinating to watch a group of people doing capoeira and others who come and support. I get to pick up Portugese-Brazilian language fast as it is widely use in capoiera.

How has the capoeira season been so far for you and your team?

When I won the 1st year student category event last month, I was prepared to perform and I gave my best. The only thing I was not sure was my opponents as they were from many other countries around the world  mostly first timers in the competition. There were also other Malaysians who competed  in a more experience and a senior level categories. I have to get my self ready for next year in a different division. I also had the support from my friends and family and other Malaysians as we were the host this year. I will be under tremendous pressure as other countries will be hosting in the next year’s edition.

” I am single and available”

What do you think you should do to make capoeira more popular in Malaysia?

ECSTASY: Engku Showing us one of his capoeira moves.
ECSTASY: Engku Syafiq Demonstrates one of his favourite Capoeira moves

The ministry of culture and society played an important role in organizing the competition last month but in my opinion we need to have more exhibitions around Malaysia .We can start of by doing shows around university and college campuses . My group has done a few exhibition in Klang Valley mostly in Education Centers. The advantage is, I get to meet new people and make new friends. The lessons are not expensive, it is just RM 60 per month.

Could you share a little bit of yourself to the readers onSwitchon9 ?

My full name is Engku Ahmad Syafiq, I am twenty one years old currently studying in Monash University Campus pursuing into accountancy. I have been living in Shah Alam for a few years now. I am single and available….haha. I have so many things to achieve in future and I hope I will get all of them. My hobby is to work out and catch the latest movies with friends. That’s all about me.


Familiar? Engku Syafiq was also the winner of the 17 summer hunk competition last year which was held at Sunway Pyramid.

UP FOR GRABS LADIES: Engku Maintains his good body by working out
UP FOR GRABS LADIES: Engku Maintains his good body by working out


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