by Nurazleen Naquiah

Recently the MAPCU Athletics competition took place in National Stadium Bukit Jalil on the 13th of June 2009.  Let us briefly talk about what is MAPCU. MAPCU means Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities and yearly they would organizers different types of sport events that all colleges and universities under them would join in. In the recent sports event, that was the athletics event that was held in Bukit Jalil Stadium was organized by HELP University.

Looking at the technical side of the event, the event is open to all college students and the there is no particular age limit to it. Besides that, a fee of RM200 was needed to registration of each college or universities for the games and there was no limit to how many events can a college or a university chooses to participate in.  SEGI University College also participated in the event and sent 15 students which were participating in many different track events. The person in charge for SEGI University College was Aravind Sharma who was the Sports Department Asst Manager who assisted and took care of the student through the day during the event. Aravind Sharma was also an ex-athlete during his early days so he did trained the 15 students in their specific events.

During the Athletics tournament, there were many colleges and universities who participated on that day and the most promising college or university that was to grab the Champion title was University College Sedaya International. HELP University started off with a good pace wining few of the main events like 200m, 400m, shot put, long jump and also high jump but then late into the day UCSI started pickup pace and they manage to grab certain events to get lead in the leader board.

One interesting incident took place during the 100m finals mid in the day. A student from Inti University College won the 100m finals with a fantastic run. He had a huge lead in the 100m finals when he led till the finish line. He had around 10m gap between him and the second runner. He recorded a time of 10.32 seconds that was the fastest timing for the day in the 100m running event. The amazing part is the student had a hamstring injury from his previous events and still managed to win the gold medal in the 100m event.

The organizers did show good nature by not forgetting the Sport Departments employees of each college and university by having two particular events for them that is 100m and also 400m. It was compulsory for every advisor that came to participate in that event. For the first time many of the students had a laugh looking at their advisors and coaches running against other college or university staffs. It was a memorable event for all students to actually see their coaches run their hearts out.

The weather through out the day was extraordinary as it was neither to hot nor to cold. It was in perfect temperature for the runners to perform their best times. Only towards the end of the event it started to drizzle a little bit but by then all the events was over. UCSI became the champions after coming from the back winning most of the events. HELP University did give a good fight but it was not enough to knock UCSI out but good sportsmanship was shown from all the MAPCU teams. Congratulation to UCSI for being the Champions and all the best for the rest of the colleges and university for the next MAPCU tournament.

Here is a quick glance of MAPCU Athletics Competition 2009.


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