By Roshan

Like many other racquet sports,badminton also has its own history. Badminton got its name from Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England- the home of the Duke of Beufort, where the sport was played in the last century. The first major tournament was the  Thomas Cup(worlds men team championship) in 1948. In the 5th century BC, the people in China then played a game called “ti jian zi”. A direct translation from this word “ti jian zhi” is kicking the shuttle. The objective of the game is to prevent the shuttle from touching the ground. Lee Choong Wei, our world no 1 badminton player is now on the highest rank in the world. I am a badminton player my self.I used to play for the states 2 years back in Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association which is located in Cheras. Currently I am coaching part time in a Yonex company in Damansara under Wilson Tan,a former national backup singles player. Acording to him, ” badminton is a sport where you can achieve sucessfully in future if uput your heart and soul for the game since young”, he said. I did a short interview with my coach, Darren, regarding on how important badminton is in our generation these days.The interview took place at the sports shop at Bandar Sri Damansara Club House. The interview went like this:

Roshan: Good evening, sir.

Wilson: Good evening, Roshan.

Roshan: Well, I am here today to conduct a short interview with you regarding on badminton and how important is badminton in our generation now. I just would like to ask you to spare me a few minutes in regards with this, sir?

Wilson: Yeah, sure. You can take your time.

Roshan: My first question is at what age did you start playing badminton, sir?

Wilson: I started playing badminton at the age of 5.

Roshan: Wow,no wonder you are a great player now. Secondly, who persuaded you to play badminton? Is it u played badminton of ur own interest or you have been forced to play?

Wilson: Well, my dad always have told me to take up badminton as a hobby since I was young. Since then, I loved to play badminton and I play badminton because of my own interest and not being forced by anyone.

Roshan: Very well said. So, what are the achievements that you have gained untill now, sir?

Wilson: I have won many gold medals for so many tournaments before when I was young. I was rewarded the best singles player in 2008 at Singapore Open finals.

Roshan: That’s wonderfull. How do you think badminton has affected the young people’s mind these days?

Wilson: In my opinion, young children these days has the urge to play badminton compared to those days because in this generation, they are provided with so many different types of high- end equipments which enables them to play the game easier. They find badminton as a fun sport to play comapred to the other games.

Roshan: I trully agree. Which player you admire at the start, both at the local and international level?

Wilson: I think it would be Lee Choong Wei because I look at him as the best example to everyone who play’s badminton. I really admire the way he play his game as he quick reflexes and lightning speed on court though he is just small in size.

Roshan: Wow, that’s amazing.My last question would be what is your advice for beginners and intermediate players?

Wilson: Well, my advice to them is to focus on their studies if possible. As for me, part of the reason I choose to play badminton as a profession is because I  don’t like to study. Of course now I have some successs to show but the road to sucess is really hard.

Roshan: That’s a good advice, sir.Anyways, thank you so much for your time, sir. I really appreciate it.

Wilson: It’s my pleasure.Your most welcome, Roshan.

Former Olympic doubles champion Rexy Mainaky is the new “high preformance coach” for the Malaysian doubles team. Malaysia s national headcoach Yap Kim Hock said Rexy , currently coaching in England, had agreed in principlto take up coaching post in Malaysia. Rexy also won the gold medal with Ricky Soebagja in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic game which gave a good impression among the Malaysian citizens.

Malaysia achieved a milestone in the Sudirman Cup when they advanced to the semi- finals for the first time after stunning top seeds Denmark 3-2 with men s doubles Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong in Guangzhou. National singles chief coach Rasyid Sidek said that it was an good achievement for Malaysia who have finally made it to the semi-final stage of the mixed team event. “This is a ground breaking result as we have never gone beyond sixth position in the tournament. We are assured of a medal and have exceeded the expectations of the BA of Malaysia”, said Rasyid.

In my opinion,many people dont take badminton seriously but in Malaysia badminton is considered one of the most important sport lately.Some of them just play badminton just for the fun of it just to fill up their free time,but most of them who are really into badminton would actually sacrify most of their time and money to be on top of the world.

doubles champion
doubles champion
Lee Choong Wei

rexy mainaki-national coach
rexy mainaki-national coach
MALAYSIAlee chong wei

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