by: Stella Chua

Mamma Mia! the famous musical of 2008. Picture credit to

Mamma Mia! The most famous musical of 2008. Picture credit to

Everyone might had watched Mamma Mia!, a movie that release on 18th of September 2008, which had cause an uproar around the world, it even excite musical performer from different country to make out a world tour Broadway concert based on Abba’s timeless and classical music and presented it to everyone. Just right after the movie released, ABBA’s music became well-known to the world again, and people begin to listen to their music, but will that be everlasting or remembered in our heart or as still clear in our ear all the times? People might know Mamma Mia!, but not everybody know ABBA. Why not together we make it shine again to the world and music lover?

The group of four. Picture credit to

The group of four. Picture credit to

Abba’s music begins to explore when Bjorn Ulvaeus (1945) first met with Benny Andersson (1946) in 1966. Both of them were from different music group while Bjorn was a member of the Hootenanny Singers which is the Sweden’s No.1 pop band and Benny were the keyboard member of The Hep Stars.

In 1969, both of them met the two women who are not only became the member of ABBA but had turn to be their fiancée later on. They were Agnetha Fältskog (1950), who was a successful solo singer as well. She and Bjorn Ulvaeus had romantically fell in love with one another and they got engaged on April 1970, finally get married on july 1971. While another couple, Anni-Frid Lyngstad (1945) and Benny Andersson, they got married on October 1978.

Abba's first single. Picture credit to:

Abba's first single. Picture credit to:

The perfection and attractiveness of the four voices had form the astonishing group. They recorded a song called “People Need Love” in their very first single in the spring of 1972.

Before the reach of ABBA’s golden age, they first called themselves Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid. Encourage by the success of their first single, they join the Eurovision Song Contest with their very own production, “Ring Ring”.

This song later on had become the several hits of European Countries.

And again they enter the selection in 1974 and that had make them took all their way to Brigton, England for the finals with the song, “Waterloo”. After they won the international juries in the Eurovision Song contest, it had then become their very famous moment, and by that period, they change their name to ABBA, with the combination of the first letter of their name.

The year after, they got a major worldwide hit again with “SOS”, simply titled their third album “ABBA”. 1976 were the year ABBA finally recognized as one of the most popular group in the world. Following by “Fernando”, “Dancing Queen”, “Money, Money, Money”, “Knowing me, Knowing you” were all preserve the top of charts all over the world.

When it comes to the 1990’s, successful musical MammaMia!, based on Abba’ hits was held and it had became the most famous musical show in the world until present which has also restore the glory of ABBA.

Nowadays, people prefer R&B, Hip Hop and etc, and then who remember those oldies that used to be the proud of everyone? Discover their music, their creation, which brings an honor to the world of pop, which will always remember well by everyone who appreciates the true music.

By: Stella

By: Stella


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