by Awallati Osman

Technology changes how we do things now; it has make thing much easier and convenience for not only those who work, but also students, housewives, farmers and many more. The advanced technology has put a big impact on the entertainment wise. We used to watch movie using the VCR player but now with the existence of DVD and VCD player, VCR player no longer being used except for certain reasons.

Gaming wise right now, we have PSP, Play Station, PC- gaming laptop and many more, to play games, with all those games now are much more fun and do not really require that much energy to play it. Have you ever wonder what those people do for fun in the era back then, where they don’t have all the advance technology? Well do you remember Batu Seremban, Galah Panjang, Konda Kondi, Sepak Takraw or Sepak Raga, Congkak, Guli, Teng Teng, and many more?

Those were our (Malaysian) traditional games that exist long before we were born. How many of you know how to play it? How many of you played one of the games mention above? Those games back then, require energy. All the games mostly being played more than two people and the beauty of it is, you do not need to spend great amount of money to play it.

Lets us refresh our memory with all those traditional games that most of us use to play back then:

Batu Seremban also known as Five Stone: Batu Seremban also being called as Serembat and Selambut. The numbers of players needed for this game would be form two to four person. The players can also be more than four but not too many as it would spoil the fun in waiting for turns. There are seven levels in this game, its being called as buah satu, buah dua, buah tiga, buah empat, buah lima, buah enam and buah tujuh. This game is usually played by girls. Players have to be alert and quick to win this game.

This is how Five Stone looks like. Taken from

This is how Five Stone looks like. Taken from

Galah Panjang: This game not only being played by kids but also by adults in certain festivals or events.  This game consists of two groups, offense and defense. There will be four to ten people in one group. Each team will have a leader and, this game is all about switching places in the provided court without being touched by the other team. Mostly being play by boys and men.

This is the layout of how the 'Galah Panjang' court look like. Taken from

This is the layout of how the 'Galah Panjang' court look like. Taken from * Belakang = Back, Kepala = Head, Hadapan = Front

Congkak: Also known as Jongkok in the west side of Peninsular Malaysia. Play by two people side by side. In this game, is all about measurement and luck. It matters where you end your bead in the congkak board, because if you end it at your side kampung (holes) the opponent gets all your beads from your Kampung (big holes at the end of the board). Girls enjoy this game better than boys.

Congkak Board. Taken from

Congkak Board. Taken from

So it is never too late to start playing all these traditional games, not only it could make you sweat out of it but also it could make your friendship among friends and your relationship among  family members grow stronger. If you really don’t know how to play certain traditional games that you wish to, just googled it, make use of the advance technology given. Through my personal experience playing traditional games will not strain your eyes, unlike playing computer games or console video games.

So pick your favorite now!








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