Forget Them Not

By Melissa James

When everyone else are digging into new wave of band music – The Killers, My Chemical Romance and many more— we however seem to be forgetting the bands that were made famous since the ‘60s. Believe it or not, today’s current bands are more likely influenced by the classics tune here and there.

These bands are like our high school years. Or in fashion, vintage comes first before mod, no? How can we skip that chapter in our lives without even going through it? Well, the same goes to these bands. No matter how advanced the songs that we are listening to now, the songs, where you always describe as our parents songs still remain precious.

The Beatles

The Beatles
Abbey Road, title and cover of their last album

It is impossible that anyone have never heard of their tunes. Can’t Buy Me Love, does that ring any bell to you? How about the mellow Let It Be? Well, if you still have got no clue, simply refer to your parents or anyone you know.

This band really changed the revolution of pop music. Consisting four members, John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), Ringo Starr (drums, vocals), and George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) set the new trend of band music in the 1960s. Also known as the fab four, they were one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of music, sold one billion internationally and had 40 singles that reached number one. Rolling Stone magazine also ranked them number one in the 100 Greatest Artist of All Time.

What attracts listeners are the versatility of their songs that anybody can relate to at anytime possible. Their songs were mostly inspired by real life based and experience.

The Smiths

A group of four, John Maher, Stephen Patrick Morissey, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce named their band “The Smiths” as an expression against other bands that chose complicated names to reflect their music. According to critics, they are one of the most important alternative band that emerged at the independent scene. Although tthey are considered quite a latecomer, which is on the 1980s, their song were more about ordinary people and their experiences with despair, rejection and death.

Compare to the rest of the bands at that era, The Smiths stood out and refuse to go with the mainstream so their music were very much edgy and quite heavy. Typically, these kind of music were being under looked or too serious, they however were the pioneer of their own generation.

Their dressing style mainly in ordinary clothes – reflecting their “back to basic” guitar and drums style of the music such as jeans and plain shirts, unlike other bands that emphasis more on the exotic high-fashion image back then.

The Kinks

Picture credit to:
Picture credit to:

When The Beatles was at their peak, it somehow overshadowed this four talented entertainers. Known as The Kinks, this English band formed in March 17th, 1963 is indeed one of the most influential bands of all time,too.

They gained prominence with their third single, “You Really Got Me” and the name kinky was inspired by the way they dressed while performing which was more to leather and boots. Ray Davies on lead vocals/ryththm guitar/ keyboards,, Dave Davies on lead guitar/vocals, Pete Quaife on backing vocals/bass guitar, and Mick Avory on drums and percussion.

Did you know that the song “Long Tall Sally” was The Kinks first single ever – a cover of a Little Richard song, unfortunately the song literally died because The Beatles too, did a cover of it except landed them with enormous success.

However, their third single, “You Really Got Me” put them on the map. The ever catchy and upbeat song earned them recognition from the music scene. Their songs were being covered by The Jam, The Knack and The Pretenders. They become major influence to the Britpop act such as Oasis and Blur. Up till today, many modern bands look up to Ray Davies’ distinctive songwriting skills that

However, the band split up in the 1996 due to the gap between the Davies brothers. Anyhow, fret not because the band is reuniting with possible new album after four decades. Impossible, no?

The three bands mentioned were the original for their very own music genre. Their existence so far, shaped and defined band music and among the pioneer.

Although the sound of their music – these four bands, makes you feel outdated, or even worse, ancient, well stop right there because nothing is too old. In fact, anything old can be new again. Feel privileged! And if you think singing The Beatles’ “Yesterday” in public is embarrassing, well think again.



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  1. the beatles will always live on!:D
    and the carpenters are nice too though. just a thought.

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