Malaysian PS3 console owners can breathe easily as playstation store accepts ringgit.



ADDICTIVE: Get your ps3 at the nearest Sony outlet

ADDICTIVE: Get your ps3 at the nearest Sony outlet





 Sony entertainment Malaysia  announced the good news yesterday when we are one of the countries that are able to buy downloadable, add on expansion ,  playable demos, movies and trailers content on the playstation 3 ( PS3 ) network or the portable playstation ( PSP ) in our own currency. The purchase can be done buy obtaining the prepaid card at the nearest sony outlet.

 Popular Games such as Winning Eleven , Deadzone , Grand Theft Auto 4 and RockBand 2 comes with the add on expansion. Add on expansion provides more additional gaming plan and new things that can be added on in the game buy purchasing it at the network store in your console. For example , Rockband 2 updates themselves with new songs every month. Therefore, gamers are able to choose their favorite songs online and buy them using the prepaid card. There are above 200 songs that can be downloaded. The choices of songs are a mixture of old and new hits such as Spiderweb from No doubt and Paramore.

Rockband 2 comes with a guitar , Bass , drumset and a microphone. Once we are on a tour mode in the game , we are able to unlock more songs where it gets tougher but with nicer songs. Gamers can challenge with other bands online where they will compete until the final results appear after one song. Subscribing online is free . Rockband is considered as a family game as it has over 4 modes that can be played at one time.  Gamers can either play easy, medium , hard or expert.

 Besides the internet, the newly invented playstation 3 comes with a chat box. Once we are connected to the internet, we can communicate with our friends and family for free. We are also able to see their faces if we purchase the camera at the sony store.There is also a free PC application called Sony Media Go for those who wants to manage their digital content for the PSP through their computer

 Now that playstation 3 downloadable items can be bought in ringgit. Sony Malaysia expects the increase of sales within the period of six months as things are much cheaper if it is purchased in our own currency rate. Playstation 3 currently costs RM 2999 . Sony Malaysia also reminded gamers to get original consoles and games at the authentic Sony outlets anywhere in the country.




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