by Hana Nazsulaeeqa Harun

If you like the Indonesian success Malique & d’Essentials, then you will definitely like the melodious sounds of RAN. Pronounced as ‘run’ the three-member band consists of Rayi Putra/Rayi (rap), Astono Andoko/Asta (guitar), and vocalist Anindyo Baskoro/Nino. In 2006, combining their initials together (Rayi, Asta,Nino) they got the name of their band – RAN.

RAN's debut album, 'RAN for your life'. Image credits to www.audiopr.co.id

RAN's debut album, 'RAN for your life'. Image credits to http://www.audiopr.co.id

Their music akin to the likes of a younger and funkier Jamie Cullum, launched their debut album RAN For Your Life in the year 2007. Years before that, RAN has already been known to the Indonesian music scene for winning a lot of festivals and competitions through their performances in the annual Indonesia Java Jazz Festival.

“Pandangan Pertama”, the first single released from their debut album has been in the top five of most charts on the Indonesian radios in less than three weeks. It is clear that their fan base is growing, their first single became the top most requested song in less than a month after releasing it.

Just imagine cruising down the road in your red convertible, on a summer day with the wind in your hair. That’s what it feels like when you’re listening to RAN. RAN’s music, classified as a mix of jazz, pop, R ‘n’ B, with a nice hint of Reggae, makes them easy to like. Their album, ‘RAN for your life’ has a mixture of English and Indonesian songs, and there isn’t a sad-sounding tune in the album – definitely an album for those days to just chill with a cold drink and enjoy.

The 11-track album has a collection of upbeat songs such as, “Let Me Be, and “Warna Warni Dunia, and there is also a good balance of more laid back songs like “D’Inspiration” and “Lagu Untuk Riri”. Not to drown themselves in the growing Indonesian music scene, the track “Let Me Be” takes listeners back to the 70’s disco era, with a modern twist. The funky beats of the bass with the touch of rap and house music rhythms makes it a definite “let’s-get-on-the-dance floor” song. “D’Inspiration” a cool jazzy song takes listeners on a relaxing ride with the soothing sounds of the piano making it all elegant-like, while still reminding us that there’s still a party going.

RAN’s  try on Reggae music really worked and it showed in the song “Selamat Pagi”. This song is an instant mood-lifter; they accomplished having a Reggae song without sounding like they’re trying too hard. Their brave improvisation of using the trombone to jazz up the tune has made “Selamat Pagi” an even more enjoyable song as a whole.

The fresh sounds of RAN have captured the hearts of Indonesian locals, bringing their listeners to their younger days and tapping their feet without realising it! Rayi does a good job on the rapping, not overshadowing the vocals of Nino, whilst Asta has a wide collection of riffs without making the songs sound like a guitar band.  Though still considerably new, RAN succeeds in putting themselves nicely among other accomplished Indonesian musicians. Without a doubt, RAN will surely make it big. Watch out, RAN for your life!

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