Resistiv3 & Electro Fungus Presents Raw-Jug Mashup

By : Janna Niza

Music?Whats is the definition of music?According to The American Heritage Dictionary music is and art of organizing tones to a produce a coherent sequence of sounds.Music is also a form of art.Music also is to create and initiated a person emotional sides.

Yesterday 4th of July,an event was held at Boiler Room in Hartamas square.The event was Resistiv3 & Electro Fungus Presents Raw-Jug Mashup.It is an music event that collaborate with two different music scenes which is resistiv3 and electro fungus.It is the first time ever experience to listen to many genre of music in one night.

Taken by : Ruzzana Nezzar
Taken by : Ruzzana Nezzar

It includeds 8 dj’s on the deck to burn up the party.In the atmosphere of music scene was the taste of drum & bass,dubstep,fidget house and bassline while collaborating with other music group are electro fungus,the virtuoso of electro/electroclash,nu rave,progressive and tech house.

The dj’s for the night are divided into 2 categories.Room 1 dj’s line up was MH,Al zi Nizi,Anowl,Dj Edycted ,while the dj’s line up for room 2 are Dj wall,Dj jony,Dj hafidz and Dj a.w.a.d.The event was a success as many came in and enjoy the music.Also the entrance was free before 11 o’clock and who came after only needs to pay rm20 per entry.Everyone gets 1 free drinks as well as a mixtape.

Introduction to Drum&bass are actually it is an electronic music style,originally came from united kingdom.People tends to mixed different type of music such as reggae with speed up hiphop break beats and also a little sounds of techno beats are included.Dj anowl is malaysia’s number 1 DNB dj’s.He has won many competition through out he’s carrier and one of it is winning the 2008 Juice DJ quest Malaysia finals which he knock out the Indonesian and Singaporean dj’s.

While electro are an electronic style of hiphop which are also known for electro funk.In this type of music,usually are heard an electronic sounds also vocals deliver in a vocoder.

One of malaysia’s electro dj’s are DJ hafidz.He plays huge music of electro,progressive,tribal and funky house in clubs in Malaysia such as Bar club.December 2006,he participated in a Pioneer Digital Battle Malaysia and grabbed himself the 1st runner up position.Not only that he was also the finalist in Juice DJ Quest 2006. Hopefully,there will be many events and upcoming djs in the future to come.

Music is not just about dancing.It is also about exploring.For the dj’s this is just their beginning for a long journey through the magic world or music,and for the people on the dancefloors aroud the world.Lets rock!


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