by Ernie Natasha


selena ( taken from selenaforever pictures)

     Every single person is created with a unique talent, character,and personality. Living in this world is not easy , each human being has their own way to create a path to make a living and live their life and try to make it better and better with what has given by God.During the early 70’s, the music industry was glad to introduce the world world that Selena Quintanilla Perez was one of the greatest singer.Once she was known as”The Queen of Tejano” . Many people adore her talent and her kindness , that is why a lot of people followed her life story. Even though she started at young age but she captured the whole world.

      As a great singer who is really busy, she still has time to spend with her fans. Many people adores her and to get more closer to her Ernie Natasha has arrange an appointment to interview Selena. This particular interview was arrange by one of Ernie Natasha’s friends who seem to know Selena’s personal assistant. The interview was planed to get to know her better and to meet her in person seem Ernie Natasha is one of her biggest fans. Selena was known for her kindness, love for her fans, her positive attitude and her music especially. The interview was held at Hilton Hotel in Melbourne, Australia when she was having short holiday with few friends. As a big fan of her, Ernie Natasha came early to the hotel and waited for her at the lobby with such a nervous feeling.

     Not long after that, Selena came down the stairs with her 5 bodyguards around her. She looked such a diva but still have a warm vibe for people around her. She was wearing a fancy dress which was so bright but still elegant. Besides that, she also put a beautiful smile on her face while her eyes were smiling too. The conversation started with her personal detail of her background. Selena was born on April 16th 1971 in Lake Jackson, she was the youngest child of Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Marcella Ofelia Samora, who are Mexican American parents. Selena discovered her wonderful voice when she was as young as three years old and she started singing in both English and Spanish when she was six years old. Selena joined her father musical group when she was nine years old, which was called “Selena Y Los Dinos”.

selena in concert (taken from selenaforever concert)

     Further more, Selena explained how did she started as a performer at the Quintanilla family restaurant during 1980 which was her first performance. However, the restaurant got bankrupt and made them move to Corpus Christi in 1984. When she was there, she recorded her first album and it was called Selena Y Los Dinos on the Freddie Label. However, the market was not ready for her yet. Eventually in 1995, her album was released officially as Mis Primeras Grabaciones meaning, “My First Album”. Her capability doesn’t stop there because in 1985 her second album was released, The New Girl in Town, and followed up with her third album in 1986. After all her hard work for those three album, she was awarded as Best Female Vocalist at The Tejano Music Award in 1987.

     In 1989, EMI President, Jose Behar saw a real star in Selena and signed her for EMI Latin. She also released an album under EMI Latin in the same year. Besides with busy life, she also had some time for her soft side of her which was falling in love and got married with Chris Perez on April 2nd, 1992. As a great performer, and all the effort she has put through, her hard work has come in handy as she won a Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American performance. In 1994, she was nominated for another Grammy. She also set up a designing and manufacturing a clothing line which was called Selena Etc.

       As a singer and idol for most people, she also gave a lot of encouragement to those who are still in school. She always encourage them to stay in school and telling them it is important for them to achieve their goals in their life and be positive for themselves and other. She also left a special quote for all of us to think of and to apply it in our life which is  “Smile for others and put a smile on their faces”.


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