by Zetty Tawfik

The King of Pop, the fashion icon during 80’s and the son of Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson or known as Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary Indiana, seventh of nine brothers and sisters. A guy with a long curly hair, small nose, fair skin, come to the interview with his favorite clothes; black pants, white plain shirt cover with a black jacket enters the living room of his home at the Neverland Ranch with a big smile, we shake hands and he kiss me on the cheek even though he doesn’t like when it comes to interviewing. On 10th February 1993, exact at 12 o’clock in the afternoon is his first interview in 14 years and this is the entrance into the world of Michael Jackson.

First question that come up in my mind is “How nervous are you?” and he says that he’s not nervous at all and he never get nervous, not even for his first interview. That’s how we begin our interview. For this talented and brilliant guy, the stage is like his home and it’s most comfortable feeling when he on the stage, but when he got off the stage he was very sad. Every one wants to be like him with all the popularity and fans that he have but they do not know how difficult his life is, used to always cry from loneliness and sadness.

Michael Jackson poster. Taken from

Michael Jackson poster. Taken from

When it comes to his childhood memory, we never thought that a cute 8-years-old little boy who everybody adored and has everything in his early age, physically and emotionally abused by his father. Although he get the Grammies but he’s so sad and sad years for him when he think about his father and his life. Every parent will glad and thankful if they have a kid like Michael Jackson but not for his father, Joseph Walter. With his soft voice and calm face, Jackson says that he’s very shy when he had pimples on his face and he said that her father always tells him that he’s ugly. I’m so surprised and ask him again “Your father would say that?”, and he said “Yes he would. Sorry Joseph”, he laughing. We do not know that his laughing is because of he is happy or sad.

Michael Jackson picture when he was a kid. Taken from

Michael Jackson picture when he was a kid. Taken from

One question to another question came in my mouth and he seems so calm to answer all the questions. Full of confident and braveness I ask him about his relationship with his father, he just smile, clear his throat and said “I love my father but I don’t know him”. This independent guy with a big career never gets so mad with his father, maybe sometimes but not all the time and he’s always forgiving what his father done to him even though his father used to tease him, beat him and make fun of him.

Look at his eyes we can see the sadness and loneliness that he’s going through even until now. There are so many rumors that came out to the tabloid about him but he deny it and he said that it’s so untrue and completely lies. The press made up so much and so many horrifying stories about him and he just forgive all that. One of the rumors is about he buy the Elephant man’s bones to maintain his high-pitched voice which is doesn’t make any sense at all. He admit that he love the story of the Elephant men, John Merrick, because he reminds him of his self and he saw his self in the story that he can relate to it. He keep deny it and the way he explain, it shows that he’s so disappointed and embarrassed with that story which is so untrue. We used to hear about another rumors that he slept in an oxygen chamber to keep his youthful appearance. That’s another untrue story and he said “That, that story is so stupid and crazy, I mean it’s one of those tabloid things, it’s completely made up and I’m embarrassed but I’m willing to forgive the press”.

One of his performance. Taken from

One of his performance. Taken from

Believe it or not Michael Jackson never had slumber parties and having friends. “When I was little, i didn’t have any friends. My brothers were my friends”, he said with his soft and calm voice. When he was little he spends most of the time in recording studio, work from one concert to another concert, picture sessions or interview. He never get chance to play and have some fun with friends which is so sad for 8-years-old little boy. Supposing all those teen years it has to be fun and full of happiness like us but not for Michael Jackson. That part makes him very sad.

In 1982, one of his albums became the world’s largest selling album which produced 7 hit singles and sold reaching until 50 million copies which is so amazing. He’s just smiling and be a humble person although he achieves so many things on his career. Another industry record, Jackson wins eight Grammy awards from the songs of his Thriller album in a single night. He just thankful of what he has and he get until now. Without the support from his fans he would not get all of this, he says with his sweet smile.

One of his unique and popular styles is moonwalk which is so cool and every one knows about it. Some of the rumors said that he faking it when he does his moonwalk dance and he said “That’s not true”. He explains with confident that the moonwalk came from black kids that have natural talent for dancing and what he did was enhance the dance. By making a suspicious face to him and just said “Okay then. I want to see you dance. Show me”.  We both laugh and laugh and his face seems really shy and become red. After a few minutes, he goes on stage and dance like the real dance that he do on his concert and his music video. That’s really impressive.

One of his moonwalk dance. Taken from

One of his moonwalk dance. Taken from

Next and last question that I ask him is a bit sensitive and personal for me but I really wanted ask about his habit that always grab his crotch when he was singing. He giggles and he never thought that I would ask this question. He paused for a while, clears his throat and said “I think it happens automatically. You know when you’re dancing, we can’t think about anything. We just enjoy it. The music and the sounds drive me to do it and it just happens”. That’s really embarrassed and we both just laughing.

At first he’s a bit shy person but at the end of this interview he always laughs. It just make me a bit sad because it’s time to got off and finish this interview. He’s kind hearted, funny and such a fun person. People will feel comfortable when they talk to him even though they do not know him and so do I. We end this interview with hugs, say thank you to Michael because spending his time and share his story with me and he just smiling and hug me again and we leave the place together to go to the amusement park of his house.


P/S: This article is for academic purposes only.


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  1. gotta say your interview is quit similar to the oprah’s interviewed him back in 1993

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