By, Awallati Osman

Recently, Electronic Arts (EA) has launched The Sims 3(TS3) that comes with a whole lot of new features and improvements that guarantee you full satisfaction throughout the game. However, behind every game lies a few facts and information that we need to know, so that we would not be having any trouble running and playing it later on.

So there are few things that you should know about The Sims 3 before you run the game. Firstly, since The Sims 3 is a high-tech game, to play it you will need a higher random access memory (RAM) so that you would not have to face the long wait of loading during the game. Having better RAM in your lap top or computer would help the game run smoothly and at the same time it can also help you to be stress-free.

The Sims 3 however offers you only one town for you to play, but you can get more towns from The Sims 3 official website by registering the codes that you obtain from the original product. So if you don’t mind spending more money to get the original one then you should, because not only you can unlock the rest of the towns that are available, but also you get to purchase clothes, appearance styles, and much more with your sims points.

Moreover, The Sims 3 online community is much more exciting and interesting as you are able to see the progress of The Sims 3 players around the globe. Adding to that fact is, you can also exchange stuff that you built or purchase in The Sims 3 with other player through the website.

But again not all of us want to spend certain amount of money on computer games, for me, my personal choice would be the pirated product because it does not have that much differences compare to the original, just bear in mind that by purchasing the pirated there will be no product code given for you to join the online community.

Well the best thing about The Sims 3 is now you have more controls over your sims. In example, now every time when your sims is at work you can control their job performance from “work hard” to “take it easy” and the pay that they earn will be according to their performance. However, it would be better if we can actually see the sims while working in the city hall or shopping for groceries.

Sims is eating and talking to each other.

Sims is eating and talking to each other. Taken by, Awallati

Moreover, your sims can also check out how their neighbors decorate their home by just pressing their doorbell. So now not only your sims can socialize while at home and work but also around the neighborhood easily.

Part of the neighborhood.

Part of the neighborhood. Taken by, Awallati

Lastly, when your sims decided to visit other places, there will be no loading pauses. As where by now you can see your sims drive, cycle or even walk towards the place that they are going, which make the game seems much more realistic. The Sims 3 is very addictive and full with surprises of features that you would never thought it will be put into the game. Remember to put The Sims 3 in your “must try game” and experience the fun yourself.

Create sims tutorial taken from You Tube.



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  1. the sims will always be awesome!

  2. yupp. definitely. :))))

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